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A piece of Cake !

Updated on July 24, 2012

Cupcakes and Cake Pops

Home made vanilla cupcakes
Home made vanilla cupcakes
Home made vanilla cupcakes with chocolaty buttercream
Home made vanilla cupcakes with chocolaty buttercream
Home made vanilla cupcakes with chocolaty buttercream
Home made vanilla cupcakes with chocolaty buttercream
Home made vanilla cupcakes with chocolaty buttercream
Home made vanilla cupcakes with chocolaty buttercream
Carrot cake truffles
Carrot cake truffles
Carrot cake truffles
Carrot cake truffles
Carrot cake truffles
Carrot cake truffles
lemon cake Truffles
lemon cake Truffles
lemon cake Truffles
lemon cake Truffles
lemon cake Truffles
lemon cake Truffles

Baking cupcakes and cake pops

My passion for baking started at around when I was 10 years old in my mums kitchen were I use to watch my older sister baking a lovely chocolate cake with chocolate leaves. I enjoyed baking in school baking cupcakes,biscuits and scones and getting involved in the school baked sales. As I got older my passion grew as I got more involved in cooking different types of food as well of baking cakes, biscuits and trying out different recipes.

My favourite type of cupcakes flavour are chocolate with chocolate butter cream,and vanilla with chocolate butter cream. The good thing about baking any type of cakes is the decorating part and icing the butter cream and putting sprinkles,fondant and star chocolates on the cupcakes. I just started to bake more as i got married and been experimenting different flavours together. Recently there has been a new craze of cake pops or cake truffles in which a baked caked is broken in to crumbs mixed with butter cream then formed in to small balls on lolly pop sticks or on their own covered with chocolates.People everywhere has been taken to this new cake pops craze and trying out different flavours and designs such as ice cream, cupcakes and cartoon shapes. It is very popular with kids as it is a bite size and you can be creative with it and not that messy to eat. I recently tried my hand in making cake pops it was great fun decorating it but as far as making it and covering it with chocolate I had difficulties as the cake balls kept falling in the pot of chocolate and everything got messy which was annoying to clean but in the end was worth it by indulging in to my own home made cake pops. I prefer making cupcakes their easy to bake and easy to decorate after and less time consuming but both cupcakes and cake pops make great gifts for family and friends and are liked by all.

I have tried and tested many cakes recipe over the years and found using cake sponge recipe are much nicer and easier to bake and the end result is lovely. I also use the same recipe for my cupcakes but just changing some ingredient around for different flavour. I baked a carrot cake few weeks back my first one ever too and it came out very nice and was tasty i was never found of carrot cake much but was converted to a carrot cake lover. I made the carrot cake in to cake pops for my two best friends who both enjoyed it but next time I am going to stick with cupcakes as it is much easier for me, maybe if i got use to making cake pops everyday it be a different story but we will see.

The baking industry has been evolving by bringing out new flavours and new cake designs to suit their clients need for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. Many people are making a business out of baking cupcakes and cakes for special occasions as it is very popular and demanding, it is not suitable for all but is it flexible around your own time and family. Personally I do baking for my family and friends, I would love to try to make a cupcake business but it would be very time consuming and will be working hard to meet deadlines and keep client happy. Maybe in the future I see what happens in where my passion for baking takes me. Other than cupcakes that I just enjoy making biscuits such as shortbread biscuits that hail from Scotland which are buttery and luscious and chocolate cookies which are everyone favourite.

I would like to bake everyday for my friends and family but would know it wont be too healthy and it might not finish in time as my family is small at the moment. Baking is for everyone big and small, it is good to get Kids involved with the decorating part as they can make it their own and be proud of their achievement. Many people get their inspiration from cooking channels such as Food Network UK or Good Food channel which has so many cake shows. There are so many talented bakers out there who I have the honour to know who make beautiful cakes and cupcakes that I cant ever imagine to bake or decorate myself. I am not as talented and skilled as they are, they are very passionate bakers and artist they skilled shows in the beautiful cake they produce. All in all I like baking cakes and cupcakes for special occasion for friends and family or when I feel like baking as I feel it can be relaxing specially the decorating and the eating the cake part. What a great piece of cake at the end of the day with a cup of tea.


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