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Baking in a Gem Scone Iron

Updated on August 22, 2009

A real Gem Scone Iron

Here's the real thing, a cast iron gem scone iron.
Here's the real thing, a cast iron gem scone iron.

What is a Gem Scone Iron?

Also referred to as a "Gem Scone Tin" or a "Gem Scone Tray". These are very solid metal baking trays, with hemispherical indents for baking little cakes in. The older ones are made of cast iron. They are heavy! More "modern" ones are made of cast aluminium. They are still quite heavy!

Looking after a gem scone iron

The first thing to know is, don't drop it on your foot. It will hurt! The second thing to know is that cast iron, although very strong, could be a little brittle, so a really sharp fall could break the iron. How do I know? I managed it! There's not much chance of that though, I think I am just gifted in that area.

The third thing to know is, if your iron is made of iron, don't let it rust. After a good wash, get it totally dry (I usually pop it back in the warm oven to bet bone dry before putting away). You could also put a really thin smear of oil on the iron.

What gem scones look like

Freshly baked gem scones before turning out
Freshly baked gem scones before turning out
Gem Scones, just turned out of the pan
Gem Scones, just turned out of the pan

Baking with a gem scone iron

Preheat your oven, and while you make your mix, put the scone iron into the oven. Greased but empty. It will get VERY hot.

Just as the mix is ready to go, pull out the scone iron, fill it very quickly, and pop it right back. The iron will be so hot that the base of the scones will be cooked almost immediately.

On a good day, your little cakes will be baked in minutes, and will pop out, almost spherical!

Oh, and here's a note - "gem" scones are nothing like "scones". "Gem scones" are a little round cake; scones are cut from a rolled out dough. Also lovely.


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    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      Good information. Thanks for the read.