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Banana Hangers and Hooks - Stop Bananas From Turning Brown

Updated on August 17, 2014

When a banana becomes over-ripe it begins to turn brown and mushy. For most of us, that's the time when it become ready for the compost pile or when we turn to more creative measures like making bread. You can slow down the ripening process in a very, very simple way however, and prevent bananas from ripening too quickly which can save you money and keep your fruit fresher, for longer.

So, how do I keep them from turning brown and mushy? hang them in the air. As silly as it sounds, suspending a bunch above your kitchen countertop rather than laying them flat on it, or squeezing them into a fruit bowl, will stop them from ripening as fast.

There is a scientific explaination for this but put simply, allowing air to flow freely around each finger of fruit allows them to ripen more evenly across the whole surface. When laid on flat surface like a kitchen counter or when pressed against other fruit in a fruit bowl, the ripening process is sped up in the areas in which they touch which is where to icky brown bits come from.

-- You can see a large selection of banana hangers and fruit bowls here --

Banana Hanger Fruit Bowls

There are several different types of hooks and hangers to choose from but my personal favorite, and the most useful in my eyes, is the combined banana hanger and fruit bowl combo.

Let's face it, if you buy and eat these then the chances are you also buy apples, oranges, grapes and other types of fruit as well. If that's the case, then it makes little sense to have both a fruit bowl and a separate banana holder stand when its so easy to combine the two and take up half the space on your counter!

An attractive modern banana fruit bowl hanger is a convenient addition to any modern kitchen countertop or if your decor is more contemporary and elegant then you can find a style to match your needs also. The following featured fruit bowls with hanging hooks are few of the more attractive designer styles to be found on the market today.

Banana Hooks

Whereas a typical modern banana stand holder is both an attractive and functional addition to the fruit-lovers home, a banana hook is purely a functional alternative. However, if you are lacking in counter space and need the most compact solution for both storing your favorite yellow fruit and preventing the bunch from going black and brown so quickly, then this is a compact inexpensive solution.

These attach underneath a cabinet, some by screwing into the wood, others by a sticky fastener. If you aren't comfortable with drilling or screwing into your kitchen cabinets then the adhesive versions typically attach very firmly unless of course you yank too hard on them. Don't worry about them being a dangerously sharp Captain hook-style spike either, they're all blunted plastic or wood so you aren't going to be skewering yourself on them.

Regular Banana Hangers

Also known as kitchen banana trees because they mimic the dangling bunch hanging from the tree, these stands are designed to hang the fruit without toppling over whilst taking up the minimum space on your countertop.

They are available in a variety of different styles and materials, from a purely functional wooden banana hanger stand, to a more decorative metal hanger with a monkey figure. For the more ecologically conscious among us there are bamboo banana stands made from sustainable materials which also have several natural advantages over materials like wood.

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