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Barbecuing Beef- The basic cuts

Updated on May 7, 2012


As the weather warms up all around the country families are getting ready for summer time barbecues and fun in the sun. Other then hot dogs and hamburgers many people love to grill their steaks. But a steak is not just a slab of beef. There are several different cuts to consider when planning out your menu. There are six key beef cuts in barbecuing.

Rib-eye steak or Delmonico steak, also known as Spencer steak is a boneless beef cut.

Club steak is similar to the rib steak but it has a lone bone along one side.

Top loin steak, also called a loin strip, Kansas City steak or New York steak is boneless from the short loin area of the beef.

Top sirloin steak is from the sirloin area just above the rump of the beef and is boneless. Generally can serve 2 or 3 people with one steak.

T-bone steak is a tenderloin cut with a T-shaped bone. These cuts are often called porterhouse steaks.

Chuck steak is a cut that comes from the first two ribs of the beef.

These cuts are important to know if you are a grill master during the summer months. As with any chef, the more you know about the meat you use the better of a cook you will be. Your guests will appreciate your dedication to cooking your beef steaks.


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