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Barbecuing Chicken & Applying the Sauce

Updated on February 13, 2016
Barbecuing at home.
Barbecuing at home.

Applying the BBQ Sauce

Forget using a brush when applying barbecue sauce.
Forget using a brush when applying barbecue sauce.

Who's the BBQ Master Chef at YOUR House?

Dad is usually the BBQ Master of the Home

Everybody claims to know how to BBQ, but do you?

Proceed with Caution


Wear latex gloves if available. When handling chicken always use caution. Be very aware of what you touch after handling chicken or any raw food. The kitchen is nothing but a "crossroad" to spreading germs & disease. Raw meat, chicken and fish should always be handled separately for fear of cross-contamination. Always clean your surroundings & everything that your raw foods come in contact with. This includes utensils, counter-tops & especially YOUR HANDS!

The Correct Way to BBQ

Make sure chicken is cooked thoroughly
Make sure chicken is cooked thoroughly

Barbecuing Chicken Safely & Easily

Barbecuing isn't Science; it's Procedure

Barbecue Chicken & the Barbecue Sauce

The "No-Fail" Procedure

Everybody knows (or should know) that when cooking chicken, the chicken MUST be cooked thoroughly. Raw chicken (along with raw pork) cannot be eaten raw like how some people eat steak. Everybody knows (or should know) that consuming raw chicken (along with raw pork) can possibly cause some very serious digestive problems, nausea, vomiting and violent diarrhea. It may even lead to death.

Consuming raw chicken (along with other raw meats/foods) is the number one reason most people contract food poisoning. Young children, as well as the elderly, are frequently known to contract food poison from under-cooked meats. Their immune system isn't as developed, or their health isn't what it use to be to fight off germs and diseases.

The BBQ Procedure

Constantly Spinning the Drumsticks

The Secret is Spinning the Drumsticks

Paying Close Attention to the Chicken

Evenly Distribute the Heat

I am not going to go through the whole cooking procedure. You know what you know and that's fine with me. But just let me imply that spinning your chicken drumsticks is key. Whether you turn them back forth, or make quarter turns, evenly cook the chicken - that's MOST important.

When the chicken is done

People usually save their old plastic butter containers - are you one of them? If so, great...if not, find something similar.

After the chicken has cooked thoroughly, place the drumsticks sticking straight up in the container. Tilt the container slightly to the side to make it easier.

With the drumsticks sticking out the top of the container, dispense your BBQ sauce in the container as well. Let the drumsticks marinate in the sauce for a little while.

BBQ Chicken in Container

Your drumsticks should look like this
Your drumsticks should look like this

Brushing on the Sauce

It's common to apply BBQ sauce to chicken by way of brush, but it seems like most of the sauce gets caught up actually in the brush. I don't feel the sauce gets evenly distributed fairly. By simply placing the chicken itself in the BBQ sauce is the only sure way your chicken will get it's fair share of BBQ sauce.

© 2014 James Timothy Peters


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