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Barbeque tacos and Quick Green Chili Burrito Recipies

Updated on April 16, 2011

What you will need for Barbeque tacos

*4 lbs of ground beef

*12 yellow corn or flour tortillas

*1 head of shredded lettuce

*3 chopped tomatoes

*1 pound of your favorite cheese

*1 chopped medium onion

*1 jar or your favorite salsa (optional)

*1 container of sour cream (optional)

*1 container of your favorite barbeque sauce           

*1 one quart sauce pan

*A pair of tongues or a fork for cooking your corn tortilla (if you choose the corn tortilla)

*1 frying pan for the meat

*1 frying or sauce pan for the tortillas

*A colander for draining the beef



Cook the ground beef until done.

 Drain the beef.

Add the cooked ground beef to a one quart pot

Add the enough barbeque sauce to the ground beef to make the mixture moist (approx. one to one and a half cups of sauce)

Put the barbeque and meat mixture on medium heat, and stir until hot

If you chose to use corn tortillas, put your corn tortillas into you’re your pan of oil, and heat

If you chose flour tortillas, heat the tortillas


Let the beef mixture set a couple of minutes, then start making tacos! Add the mixture to your warm taco shell, and sprinkle cheese, onion, tomatoes, lettuce salsa, sour cream, and onion on the top.



It is important to sprinkle the cheese on top of the meat, so it melts. You can also sprinkle the cheese on top of the hot shell, and then put the beef mixture on.

I also like serving this dish with Spanish or Mexican rice, and refried beans. Garnish the plate with a little lettuce, and sprinkle the cheese on top of the beans and rice.

What you will need for Green Chili Burritos

*1 lb. of ground beef

*1 9-12 ounce can of cream of mushroom soup (I prefer the roasted garlic)

*2 -7 ounce cans of green chili

*4 flour tortillas

*Cheese to taste

*Pan for cooking the ground beef

*a pot one quart pot

A collider for draining the beef


Cook ground beef until done; drain any grease

Put the ground beef into a one quart pot

Pour the green chili and cream of mushroom soup into the pot

Put the pot on medium heat

Stir the mixture frequently, until heated completely

Let your mixture stand for about five minutes, while warming your tortillas.

Put the amount of mixture you desire onto the warm tortillas

Put the desired amount of cheese onto the mixture, and fold into a burrito


You can add sour cream and salsa to the burrito if you want. This dish goes good with refried beans,

Lettuce (as a garnish), and Mexican, or Spanish rice. I like adding cheese to the rice and beans.

This serves 2-4

Enjoy this dish warm with melted cheese.


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