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Basic Kinds Of Chocolates

Updated on April 3, 2013
From John Loo
From John Loo
From jamieanne
From jamieanne

Kinds Of Chocolates

As its name suggests, it contains milk and has a creamy, mild and sweet
flavour. It is light brown in colour and is mostly used as eating chocolate
rather than in cooking. It is good for decorations but care is required
while melting it as it is sensitive to heat.

It has a slighty sweet flavour and a dark brown colour.
Plain chocolate can contain anything from 30% to 75% cocoa solids.
It is the chocolate used mostly in cooking and confectionery.

Technically, white chocolate is not chocolate at all because it contains
No chocolate liquor. It is a commercial product made from cocoa butter,
Milk and sugar. White chocolate has recently become very popular and
is used in mousses, cakes and sauces and as a contrast to other chocolates.
As with milk chocolate, it is sensitive to heat, so be very careful when melting it.

Chocolate chips were originally produced by manufactures for use in
Chocolate chip cookies. These are small pieces of chocolate available
In 3 varieties, i.e. bitter sweet, semi-sweet and white. Because they
Are designed to keep their shape in a variety of baked goods, they are
Best used in recipes like cookies, cakes and confections. Although they
Can be melted, they contain less cocoa butter than ordinary chocolate
and do not melt to from a smooth sauce.

Cocoa is the pure chocolate mass which is left when the coca butter
has been removed from the chocolate liquor. Ground and sifted, cocoa
gives the most intense chocolate flavour to baked goods and desserts.

It is available as dark, white and coloured vermicelli and is used for
baking and decoration.

This are made mainly from sugar, vegetable oil and flavourings and
have a thick but spreadable consistency and can be used as a spread
and as dessert toppings. These are also flavoured with hazelnut,
nougat etc.

Also known as as drinking chocolate, this powder is made from cocoa to
Which sugar and sometimes dried milk solids have been added.


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