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Equipment Needed When Baking - Top 9 Things You Need

Updated on March 11, 2018

Equipment Needed When Baking

Basic baking equipment are things you need to have in your kitchen if you want to bake cakes and cookies at home.You will need these 9 utensils for home baking.

Can you imagine your self skimming through the recipe book with great cookie recipes that will guide you to bake cookies that taste great and you can impress your friends and family with?

Here is a list of basic baking equipment you will need in your kitchen:

#1.Measuring cup
You need to be precise when baking, you cannot use a regular mug or a cup when measuring the amount of sugar and flour you need for your batter.A measuring cup has levels that helps you measure the correct amounts of dry ingredients and liquids.

A sifter will break up the clumps in flour and also devoid any foreign matter.the sifting process also aerates the flour and gives it more volume.For best results sift small quantities at a time, it makes sifting faster and easier but it also prevents spills.

Source: Image credit Mister GC via
Source: Image credit Mister GC via

A spatula is a combination of a knife and a spoon.This tool is indispensable when it comes to baking because it is used for mixing the batter and applying the frosting. A spatula is usually made from plastic, silicon or rubber.There are also spatulas made of stainless steel available.

#4.Rolling pin
One of the most basic baking equipment is the rolling pin that is used to flattening and shaping your dough.It is very difficult if not impossible to kneading or molding the dough with your bare hands.

Rolling pins are usually made of wood, but there are rolling pins also made of plastic, glass, stainless steel and even marble.A rolling pin is cylindrical and thick.It has two handles on each end.

#5.Cookie cutters
A cookie cutter is used to shape your cookies after you have made the dough, this is a good time to go artistic.Cookie cutters are usually made of plastic, aluminum, tin and stainless steel and they come in many different shapes like circles, hearts, stars and squares.

#6.Cookie press
A well known baking equipment is the cookie press that is used to press designs on cookies.A cookie press is usually composed of a cylinder with a plunger on one end.The cookies are marked by special designer plates that are attached to the press.

#7.Oven mitts
Your cookies will go in a hot oven and the oven mitts will protect your hands from getting burned from the hot baking trays.Oven mitts are well insulated and made of a soft fabric.Oven mitts will not help against hot liquids, the liquid will seep through the fabric and burn your hands.

You will also need high quality bake ware.I recommend you start with a simple nonstick 3-piece round cake pan set for 6, 8 and 10-inch round cakes.If you are looking to bake cookies, then you would need a cookie pan set in silicone or steel.(More about bakeware below.)

#9.A cooling rack
You will also need a nonstick cooling rack for your cookies and cakes after you take them out from the oven.A cooling rack ensures air circulation for proper cooling and keeps the pastries raised above the counter.Cooling racks are inexpensive, you can get a set of 2 for under $10.

How to bake butterscotch cookies

When purchasing baking ingredients and baking equipment it is good to know that food will go bad, it deteriorates over time.

While food containers and packets have "best by" dates and expiration dates, it can be misleading.If you buy food that has it´s expiration date in 4 days, it will not be completely useless the day after.With food, the fresher it is, the better it is.

The food expiration dates and "best by" dates are always set by the manufacturer who knows the manufacturing process and storage conditions, so it is not always reliable to trust the expiration dates completely.As a consumer, getting the manufacturing date would be much better but it is almost never available.

What is it that makes food go bad? The answer is oxidation that creates rancidity in the food.Stale-tasting, bad smelling products should be thrown out as soon as possible.

If a product contains a lot of fat it is more likely to get oxidized.Products with low fat like white flour will keep for a long time and butter that has high-fat will keep good for long because it is stored in the right conditions.

Think about these things when you go to the store buying baking equipment and baking ingredients.

Equipment needed when baking. Image Credit: Mister GC via
Equipment needed when baking. Image Credit: Mister GC via

Preparing Your Home Baking Project

When you have your basic baking equipment ready, the next thing is to prepare for your home baking project. If you are an experienced home baker, you know all these things. For those who have just picked up baking, it can be a good idea to go through the basics.

The first thing you need to do is wash your hands thoroughly and make sure you use clean dish cloths.The work surface must also be clean. Always store your eggs in cartons on the kitchen table, not in the fridge because you will need room temperature eggs when baking.

Make sure you refrigerate unused parts if you are not baking them immediately.If you are baking cakes, you should also invest in a oven thermometer. It will help you check the oven temperature more accurately.

Kitchen burns can happen very easily, you can prevent this by using dry, heavy duty oven mitts or gloves for each hand when baking.

Make sure you have enough work space in your kitchen and your cooling racks ready for the baked items.When your cakes or cookies are cooled, make sure you store them in clean containers or bags.

You will need fresh eggs for baking.If you are unsure how fresh your eggs are, you can easily test the freshness by placing the whole egg (unbroken shell!) in a bowl of cold water.The egg is fresh if it sinks to the bottom and lies on its side.If it sinks and stands on end, the egg has probably gone bad and should not be used.You can also break the egg in a glass to see what it looks like.

Using the right bakeware for the right product is very important, this guarantees a good result. You should invest in proper nonstick bakeware and not use disposable aluminum pans, your cakes will not cook evenly in them.For insulated bakeware, bake the product a couple of minutes longer.


Preparing your baking equipment

Cooking recipes often specify exactly how you need to prepare your basic baking equipment. Spray your pans with a vegetable oil or canola oil spray.Some

sprays come with flour which is great for cake or brownie pans.You can also dust your own flour on to the pan if you like.Another option is to line the bottom of the pan with a piece of waxed paper (or parchment paper), and then spray the bottom of the pan again.

Using your oven:
Any oven model works fine when baking at home.Most people have electric or gas ovens but a convection oven is also great.However, if you use a convection oven you need to reduce the temperature on your recipe instructions, the cake can burn easily.Preheat the oven according to the recipe.Preheating can take up to 25 minutes depending on the oven.

Before using your oven:
Check the recipe and place your oven racks in the correct position.This will give you the best results.Unless told otherwise, always use the middle rack.

More About Equipment Needed When Baking

Three Types Of Bakeware Is All You Need

Your basic baking equipment is not complete without high quality bakeware. Bakeware comes in many different materials, sizes and shapes.

The products on the market today include cake pans and molds made of stainless steel, stoneware, aluminum, silicon, glass and non-stick.

The aluminum bakeware comes in two different types, it can be silver anodized or just hard anodized.Anodizing is a electro chemical process that makes the metal surface durable and corrosion-resistant.

Silicon bakeware is the best option for many home bakers.It is a all-purpose and all-around bakeware that can be used in the oven, in the microwave, in the freezer and in the fridge.

Silicon is a fairly new material for kitchen use and it is fast gaining popularity because it is so durable and can hold high temperatures up to 570F.

The non-stick bakeware is often made out of aluminum or steel.It has a special coating that is applied to its surface and makes it non-stick.

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      Great hub! I love baking and if it's cookies all the better. :P

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      Thank you for your wonderful hub with lots of tips and information.


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