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Pork with Egg Noodles Soup - Batchoy Recipe

Updated on November 23, 2012

Batchoy Recipe

Batchoy is a type of soup which has noodles in it and accompanied with pork meat, chicken meat, and many selected vegetables. Its origin can be rooted in the province of Iloilo, Philippines and it is called La Paz Batchoy there. So here is a recipe on how to prepare and cook this type of soup:

You will need:

1 pack (240g) Chinese egg noodles (dried)

¼ pound pork liver

1/4 pound shrimp

1/3 pound pork butt/ loin

1 piece chicken breast

1 piece ginger (minced)

1 piece onion (minced)

3 pieces garlic (minced)

1 tablespoon fish sauce/ patis

1 tablespoon shrimp paste/ bagoong alamang

2 tablespoon cooking oil

¼ teaspoon sugar

8 cups water



For garnishing:

4 pieces spring onions (sliced)

4 tablespoon garlic (fried)

½ cup pork rinds (fried and crushed)

Here’s how to cook:

Fill a big casserole or pot with enough water and pour pork butt/ loin, liver and chicken breast.

Add salt and pepper according to your desired taste. Let it boil for 15 minutes.

Remove all the meat from the casserole and grate or shred it. Then slice the liver into diagonal thin slices. Note: Don’t throw away the broth since it will be used later.

Pour some cooking oil into a frying pan. Set the fire into medium fire.

When the oil is hot enough, sauté the ginger, onion and garlic then set aside the sautéed ingredients.

Pour in the grated pork and chicken (bones are not included) then the shrimp. Let it be fried until it turns brownish in color. Set aside.

Let the broth (that you set aside earlier) be boiled again in a casserole. Add the sautéed ingredients into it then fish sauce/ patis, and shrimp paste/ bagoong alamang.

Pour some sugar and salt then pepper depending on your desired taste. Let it boil again.

Add the noodles into the mixture and leave it for about 10 minutes to let the noodles be cooked enough.

When it is already cooked, turn off the heat and scoop into a bowl.

Sprinkle the meat, shrimp, liver and other garnishing ingredients.

It’s now ready to be served!


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