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Batter Blaster: Convenient and Easy Homemade Pancakes

Updated on May 3, 2010

Are you looking for easy breakfast ideas? Cooking a homemade breakfast does not have to be time consuming, difficult, or messy.

If you and your family members love pancakes but prefer to avoid the mess of preparing batter the traditional way, Organic Batter Blaster might be the perfect option for you.

If you've never noticed containers of Organic Batter Blaster in the supermarket before, you'll likely be surprised to learn that such a product even exists. After all, the Batter Blaster container looks like a can of whipped cream. What's inside, though, is healthy and delicious organic pancake batter.

Simple and Healthy Pancake Batter

Rather than mixing pancake batter in a bowl and pouring it onto a hot griddle or frying pan surface, simply point the pressurized can and press the nozzle. You'll have hot, homemade pancakes that are light and fluffy in just a few minutes with no messy preparation process or clean up. You can also prepare homemade waffles with Batter Blaster.

Organic Batter Blaster founder and CEO Sean O’Connor states, “Batter Blaster is fun to make for the entire family. Kids can make shapes and spell their names, and it offers Mom a healthy convenient meal, to suit her hectic schedule. It’s great for parents, professionals on-the-go, college students, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a tasty breakfast option. Batter Blaster makes it easy for people to enjoy pancakes and waffles more often.”

Cooking with Batter Blaster

Organic Batter Blaster is available in the dairy section of the supermarkets throughout the United States. Batter Blaster should be stored in the refrigerator. Each container of Organic Batter Blaster makes approximately 28 pancakes that are four inches in diameter or eight waffles.

You can add flavoring agents to create unique pancake varieties and you can also use Batter Blaster to create a variety of canapé and blini appetizers. There is a recipe section on the company's website where you can find instructions for preparing a variety of dishes with Batter Blaster.

Batter Blaster Ingredients

Batter Blaster is a USDA certified organic product. It is made with quality organic ingredients, including wheat flour, cane sugar, and whole egg solids. It does not contain any trans fats, has no saturated fat, and is lactose free. The product's ingredients are also kosher.

For More Information

To learn more about Batter Blaster or to find a retailer near you that carries the product, see You can also review customer comments and videos on the


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  • profile image

    HungryJack 7 years ago

    We love Batter Blaster at our house. It makes amazing WAFFLES too!

  • CYBERSUPE profile image


    Great idea--first I heard of Batter Blaster. Thank You for bringing this item to my attention. I expect you will have more suggestions on good eating so I am joining your fan club and invite you to join mine.