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How to make Bavette with pesto, potatoes and green beans

Updated on August 20, 2012

The Bavette with pesto, green beans and potatoes, is a rather old version of enriched pasta with pesto, in which you can taste the local cuisine of Liguria, and it's defined pesto rich.

The addition of potatoes and green beans makes this really tasty dish appreciated even to vegetarian.

The Bavette

The Bavette born in Genoa, and they have the shape of a flattened spaghetti. They are the ligure long pasta par excellence: if Naples has linked his name to the most popular format in the world, the spaghetti, Genova may well claim their invention. Born to go to with the traditional pesto, combine well with all seasonings vegetables and fish.

The format
The Bavette are among the formats of semolina pasta that far more are to enhance the sauce. Thanks to the flattened and slightly convex shape, are perfect for capturing the sauce and return the entire range of flavors.


     * Beans 200 gr
     * extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons
     * Pasta: Bavette 350 gr
     * Potatoes 2 medium
     * Pesto alla Genovese 4 servings


Get 4 servings of Pesto alla Genovese or prepare it according to our recipe (click on link).
Wash beans and check the ends, then cook in salted water then drain well when it is still crunchy.

Peel potatoes, cut into small cubes (side by about 1cm and ½) and cook in salted water, finishing the cooking when they are still compact, then drain.

In a pot boil the Bavette with salted water and lessateci the. Put in the potatoes, beans (whole or broken in two), oil, pesto, in a salad bowl and amalgamate the ingredients gently.

When drained the pasta, hold by a tablespoon of the cooking water, which you will add to the sauce mixture to make it creamy before incorporating the Bavette al dente.
Stir now very good all the ingredients but gently so not to smash the vegetables, and serve immediately garnish the dishes with basil leaves.


In the traditional recipe of pesto rich, the vegetables are cooked and drained along with the pasta, but the cooking times vary depending on the type of vegetables used and their cut, so if you are not sure to know how to manage it all, you can cook them separately.
For this recipe I recommend that you use quality beans Bobby-type, cylindrical section.

Buon Appetito


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