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BeanBoozled Jelly Beans

Updated on November 3, 2009

Beanboozled Jelly Beans are a product replacement for Harry Potter Jelly Beans. Although they no longer come in a Bertie Bott's bag, you still get the same repulsive flavored jelly beans in each box. Not only that, but Beanboozled jelly beans also double as a game of dare. Each box comes with a game spinner on a color wheel. Spin the spinner and you have to eat whatever color bean the spinner lands on. The only problem is the bad flavored beans are identical in color to the good flavored beans.  For example, if you land on blue, you could either grab a berry blue flavored bean or a toothpaste flavored one.

Flavor Comparison Chart

Good Flavor
Bad Flavor
Berry Blue
Top Banana
Pencil Shavings
Caramel Corn
Moldy Cheese
Chocolate Pudding
Canned Dog Food
Baby Wipes
Juicy Pear
Strawberry Jam
Buttered Popcorn
Rotten Egg
Skunk Spray

Although I am a huge fan of jelly beans, Jelly Belly in particular, BeanBoozled are not the ones I reach for when I want a tasty snack.  These special beans are more suited for gag gifts or people that actually wonder what a baby wipe jelly bean tastes like.  After trying a few beans of each flavor, the novelty tends to wear off, but you can still have fun with them by sharing them with the unsuspecting victim.


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