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Beans and greens soft taco recipe. Smoky chiopotle chile adds a delicious kick to this easy vegetarian meal!

Updated on May 20, 2007

Easy soft bean tacos

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Mexican food is a lot more diverse than most Mexican restaurant offerings would have us believe. These beans and greens tacos are really good, and are a healthy and delicious alternative to the usual fare. The smoky chipotle adds a great depth of flavor and heat, and with fresh tortillas you have all you need for a great quick vegetarian Mexican dinner.

Fresh corn tortillas will be better, but if all you can get are stale store bought, then good fresh flour tortillas are probably better.

This is so good, and you can get this all finished in about ten minutes!

Smoky beans and greens filling for soft tacos

1 good bunch fresh spinach or green Swiss chard

2-5 chipotles in adobe

About 3 cups of refried beans (refried black beans are better here, but any will do in a pinch. This recipe is a great reason why you should always make a BIG batch of refried beans up and freeze the extras for future meals!)

Cheese, queso fresco, monetary jack or mozzarella

Good fresh tortillas

Wash your greens, and try to shake off all the excess water. If using young fresh spinach, don't bother trimming of the stems, but if using older spinach with woody stems, trim off as much as you can. If using chard, trim of all the stems leaving only the greens.

Heat a couple Tbls of oil in a big pan (a wok works great here) and when hot, add all the greens and stir fry until softened a bit. Add in your chipotle chiles (with a good spoonful of the rich adobo sauce from the can) and mash the chiles up with a spoon. Add the beans and stir it all together until warmed throughout.

Taste for salt. Even if your beans were perfect before, you have diluted them with the greens, and probably need a bit more salt added.

That's it!

Serve these family style in a serving bowl on the table, with tortillas laid out beside. Have grated cheese available, fresh cilantro and shaved onions, whatever salsa you like, sour cream and some hot sauce. People will love assembling their own soft tacos.

This is such a healthy meal, but it's so flavorful you won't feel as though you're suffering!


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