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Cookie Baking Made Easy

Updated on November 21, 2017
Christmas Spice Cookie
Christmas Spice Cookie

It's always time for cookies. I confess that homemade cookies were not something that I can remember my mother making except at Christmas time and she only made the Christmas Spice Cookies on the griddle. Those are the only cookies I ever remember my mother making.

On the flip side, my neighbors were always baking and one of my neighbors made the best sugar cookie. It was different because it was made with just a hint of some spice that gave it a little boost in flavor.

My next door neighbor made cut out cookies galore for the holidays but I don't remember her baking at any other time either. Their cookie monster oldest son ate them as fast as they baked them.

At other times of the year, cookies in both our houses came out of a package from the A&P Supermarket. Now there's a blast from the past since A&P doesn't have any more stores in our area but are still in northern Pennsylvania and New York.

When my children were growing up, I had my handy dandy stand mixer and made a great Oatmeal Cookie that had it's own special taste that actually came from the addition of cinnamon to the recipe. They were so good that my youngest son who could just see the top of the kitchen table would steal them right off the baking sheet before I got a chance to lift them off.

In years past, I have spent a large portion of my baking budget on prepared cookie dough. Why? Because it was for charity and it saved me endless hours of cookie preparation. I have enough dough for 24 dozen cookies and those will be my fillers. I bought snickerdoodle, M&M, chocolate madamia nut, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Peanut Butter cookie doughs. The links are for your convenience if you want to make them from scratch.

Chocolate Chip at Sam's Club

I have tried these prepared cookie doughs but only on a smaller scale. This year, I plan to do just my favorite cookies from scratch such as my pizzelles and ricotta cookies. The plan is to bake more simple cookies that are always gone on the trays and only a few of the traditional one from scratch. Last year, I tried the chocolate chip dough from Sam's Club and was pleased with the results. So this year I will make my candy canes and other special cut out cookies but only on a smaller scale. These cookie dough cookies will be the basis for my trays.

Child's First Baking Project

Along the lines of teaching your children to bake, these tubs make an excellent teaching tool. Getting the pans ready and oven safety are some of the earliest lessons that young bakers need to be made aware of.

Just what size is a dropped teaspoon and how far apart is an inch on the cookie sheet? These are questions that mothers can teach their children while they are learning to bake with dough that they don't need to measure ingredients.

There is time enough when they get older to teach them those skills.

Homemade Cookie Recipes

For you young mothers just starting out I invite you to try my various recipes for specialty cookies such as Italian love knots, miniature lady locks, spiced oatmeal cookies, Christmas spice cookies, date or fig bars, Italian nut horns, dropped sour cream date cookies only because you have more energy than I have these days. Being in the Autumn of my life, I don't have the endurance it takes to bake dozen upon dozen of cookies any more so I am resorting to good but easy baking.


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