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Bella Christie Bakery Review

Updated on January 28, 2018
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A new bakery just opened their doors in Aspinwall. Located on Commercial Avenue, Bella Christie & Lil Z's Sweet Boutique carry a variety of petite offerings. When I walked in, one of their employees was frying donuts at a counter. There was none of the heavy grease smell so I assumed the product would be light and airy.

As I've told many, I do not accept free bakery because I want my opinions to be only mine and not give the impression of being influenced. I purchase everything that I sample and review. I met one of the owners and she made me acquainted with their specialties. Their cakes are made with the Australian icing which is rolled out and placed over the cake. This allows for some spectacular design work.

It would be impossible for me to review their entire line of goodies in one sitting even though their offerings are petite. The donuts in comparison are the size of the 6 in a package that you buy at the grocery. I cut my 6 mini's cake donuts in half and sampled the Oreo, glazed, cinnamon & sugar, Chocolate Iced, coconut and maple brown. All of the varieties were light in texture and heavenly tasting.

I should know better than to take baked goods home because I have not gotten to half of what I want to sample and already some of the mini-cupcakes are missing. I had intended to share by cutting everything in half but neglected to tell my granddaughter the plan. Okay! petite goodies invite your to eat several and that's exactly what is happening.

Later today, I tasted the one of the cookies and the Lemon Bar. The cookie was good but the Lemon Bar had just the right semi-sweet taste of Lemon Custard with a flaky crust. It was absolutely scrumptious.

I could tell this was going to be a love-love relationship with the baked goods I was sampling. Tonight, I tried one of the mini-cupcakes. I ate the one with the almond slivers. The cupcake itself was so light and airy that I almost didn't realize I was eating cake. The frosting was a whipped consistency with a butter cream flavor. The addition of the slivered almonds made the whole concoction divine.

My final consideration is that this is going to be a long-term relationship with this bakery, especially since they are less than a half mile from my home.


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