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Become a vegetarian to save the earth from population explosion!

Updated on September 20, 2014

Food patterns and population!

why vegetarianism?

If there is normal evolution of species, the population of the world would not swell. It is the activities of human beings which triggered the population explosion! Let me explain it in simple terms. An insect in the normal course become a lizard or such kind. The lizard may in due course become a bird or frog. Then the bird evolves into some inferior animal species. We can never pinpoint which species will evolve into the next higher one? But, having evolved as a human being, he must adopt to simple vegetarian food. Yes, vegetarian food is naturally ordained for human species. Green leaves, grains and nuts, tubers and fruits, milk and milk products are some of the natural food suited to man’s digestion system. Only lion and tiger, fox and jackal, the crocodile and like are accustomed to animal food. I have not included all carnivorous animals or birds in the list. Now see what man does? Discarding the simple nourishing vegetarian food, man competes with those carnivorous animals and hunts the birds and beasts in order to eat them. May be, in the ancient stone age, there was no knowledge of cultivation etc. But after the invention of agriculture and farming techniques, it is not correct to go after meat and meat products. I will give you many reasons why animal food is not suited to man’s body?

First of all, man’s digestion capabilities are meant for simple foods like those available in varieties like grains and nuts, leaves, pods, fruits and tubers. He can also digest all milk products like milk, curd, butter milk, butter and ghee. They give sufficient energy to human beings and give strength and stamina equivalent to the animal protein and fat! When we consume animal foods, we naturally imbibe animal qualities in our system. This is the main reason why we witness so many cruel killings of other human beings. Man becomes cunning like a fox, ferocious like a tiger! He seizes other’s properties and steals a lot like the cat. What I write is not fun! For instance, eat for a week only soft vegetarian food and observe your behavior and thoughts. You will witness a calm demeanor during the consumption of such soft food items! Eat animal protein continuously for a week. You will become much agitated without any reason or rhyme. Mahatma Gandhi had experimented with food intake and thought patterns. He found that goat milk and peanuts gave him much mental stamina, tolerating all kind of force and remaining calm. When he was hit with an assassin three bullets, he simply uttered Ram, Ram, Ram and signaled to let the assassin free! None in the world is as selfless as Gandhi who sacrificed his everything for the Nation. He sacrificed his life too for the Nation.

Why I narrate this? Animal food is really harmful to human personality and qualities. We must possess only human virtues and not animal qualities like hate and kill. Secondly, I will narrate the vital reason for population explosion in the world. Man, discarding his natural food is after animal food. He kills billions of fishes in a single day! Fishes are the lowest in the rung of evolution. In its normal evolution cycle, it has to go through birds and reptiles and finally evolve into animals. After many births in the animal species it has to raise its stature as a human being. For a fish to evolve into human may normally take many millions of births! But there is an unwritten law in the evolution cycle. When a beast or animal consume a lower species, the killed species get a chance to take birth as a beast or animal which consumed it. Likewise, when man hunts the fish, kill it and consume it as food, each fish gets the chance to jump in evolution. In the next birth, the fish becomes a human being, though it is retaining its original qualities. Hence sometimes we call some body as a ‘queer fish or odd fish! Then count the number of such fishes, birds or animals, man kills with the intention to eat. Each of those lives gets the precious chance to take birth as a human!

What happens is a sudden jump in the evolution. This is the reason for all the chaos in the world like population explosion, paucity of resources and water etc. All the problems that affect the man kind are mainly due to population explosion. There is no proper planning at government level to cater for the unexpected increase in population. In fact, population increases as ‘geometric progression’ whereas death rate is like ‘arithmetic progression’. Hence, if you believe it or not, if man become fully vegetarian, there won’t be so much increase in population!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you indanila for sparing time to go through the hub!

    • indanila profile image

      Inda Blackwell 3 years ago

      I just recently became a vegetarian! Nice hub!!! Interesting story about Gandhi.