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Beehive Snacks

Updated on November 2, 2011

Fast, easy to make, and delicious snacks.

Beehive is a famous snack in Arabic World. It is easy to make, fast and tasty. In addition, there is no need to worry about the ingredients. They are all available. Here is the recipe for that.


3 cups of white flour.

1 cup of sugar (with Some melted sugar )

1 cup of oil

4 tablespoons of powder milk

Too little amount of salt

A big spoon of yeast.

2 cups of water

For Filling




1- Mix all the ingredients together, this is what is called kneading. Be careful here. Try to measure your water. Do not add all the water to the flour. After you finish kneading and get soft dough, leave it for an hour so that the yeast can work.

2- Then take and divide the dough into small balls. ( not too small ones)

3- Take one ball and make a hole in the middle. Fill it with cheese then close the hole. You can fill it with dates, peas, …. .

4- Do the same thing with the rest balls.

5- Prepare the tray to be put in the oven and rub it with oil.

6- Put the filled balls too close to each then put them in the oven.You can throw some sesame on before putting them in the oven. It is your choice.

7- Heat the oven from the two sides, above and down.

8- While they are in the oven, melt the sugar and keep it ready.

9- Take them out the oven and pour the melted sugar on. Your melted sugar should be hot .

10- Serve your snacks and have nice time.



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    • profile image

      Mugaahed 5 years ago

      Very nice recipe'....

      I bet it will be very delicious...

      Thank you Nawal for that..

    • profile image

      ISLAM IMENE 6 years ago