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Beer, Heat, and Women as Company in the Sub-Continent

Updated on December 16, 2019
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MG Singh- early retired Air warrior who is PG in management and law.

The Heat

The subcontinent is one of the hot areas of the world. The temperatures during summer rise to 50°C and that's a pretty hot time with all the heat around you will certainly like something cool to refresh you.

June and July are the months that herald the heat. It is mid-summer and temperatures can soar, particularly in South East Asia. With all-around heat, a chilled glass of beer is an excellent anti-dote to thwart the rising temperature.

You could even have a soft drink or fruit juice but for a man who has been drinking, the best antidote for the heat is only beer.

You could even try it in a pool and that will make it really exotic. A bikini clad friend is an icing to the cake.

Beer and Company

When you drink beer in the summer heat it's not something that you would like to do alone. You will need a company and what better than your wife or girlfriend or an old pal to help you pass the hot afternoon. My choice would be a girlfriend for the exotica involved. That would be a good company. All in all, beer is a great refresher and along with good food is an excellent pastime.

Combinations with Beer

People who drink beer sometimes like a little bit extra to fertilize the brain. It's an expression that is difficult to define. What it means is that beer drinkers will add something to make the beer "stronger".Beer drinkers may refine their drinks and some may down it with lemonade. This is what is called the 'shandy'.But then you may try some other combinations as well in case the original taste of beer does not appeal to you or you just want to experiment. Thus your innovations can include a chilled glass of beer with Ginger ale or tonic and maybe even a cola. Tastes that can become exotic.

There are other combinations also that can be tried. As an example, you can douse beer with a shot of whiskey or southern comfort. One can try with a shot of Chivas and that will make it really exotic. The taste will thrill you and you could spin out outlandish yarns like the day you shot the rogue elephant. Anything will go. It is so infectious.

If you want to try something more exotic then a combination of beer 60ml vodka and sugar syrup laced with lemon and ice cubes is excellent. This is often called the ‘skip and go naked' drink. Lace it with a shot of gin and the heat will just dissipate. Moreover, you will love the tangy taste and so will your companion.

Food to go with Beer

You will need good food with the beer you guzzle. Anything will go with beer but salads, shellfish, poultry, and meat or even some spicy food like a chicken tikka will add zest to your beer-drinking session. You can also try a Pizza with its many combinations along with ham or cheese. You could even try fried prawns and roasted meats. Everything goes with good beer.

Final Say

Last Word

Sip the beer slowly and relish the taste. Let the froth settle and then drink from the mug. Keep a spare bottle chilled and handy and have a refill as and when in the mood. Let a good butler serve you the accompaniment of the food. Most important it is a catalyst to good company and in the end, you will feel it is an afternoon well spent

Good company? I am leaving this for the last paragraph because if you don't have a good company you won't relish the beer. What is a good company? that depends on person to person but generally, for a virile man, a good company is always a girl. One can't get away from it. How much one may try, but sitting in the heat under a large banyan tree sipping beer and sometimes holding the hand of the woman who is with you, is something that most men will relish. I recollect when I was the Project Director of a Tribal Rehabilitation Project a young American doctor spent quality time with me. We often drove to the Resort, have a dip and beer together.

Whatever I have written is also applicable to women. Many women would like to drink beer in the hot summer months of May and June in the subcontinent. I have known a lot of American friends who love beer in the Indian heat but they would not like to drink it alone. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a strong man for the company.

What beer you take is your choice. You can have a strong beer with greater alcohol content or a lighter beer but if you have to spend time in the heat good food needs to be served. A girlfriend will add to the all-around exotica along with plenty of beer. If its in a pool so much the better.


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