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Beer is Protestant and Wine is Catholic

Updated on May 3, 2012

Why do I say beer is Protestant and wine is Catholic?

Let's start with beer. Who makes the best beer? Germany. The same Germany where Luther nailed his thesis to the Cathedral door. Undoubtedly Luther relaxed after his exertions with a stein of beer.

Beer like Protestantism is for the common man, the Everyman. There is no need for priest or wine steward to intermediate between Bacchus and man.

The common man sits in the common pub without Cathedral, pomp or ritual. No sniffing of corks and swirling and spitting out.

Beer is personal drunk from individual bottles.

Wine is Catholic - sophisticated, warm and Mediterranean. Wine needs to breathe - it's almost alive like the host. Wine has it's priests and Michelin 5 star Cathedrals.

And wine is shared like the Catholic host.

Wine has esoteric rituals. The sommelier brings the bottle and makes a show of pulling the cork. Then you smell the cork and taste a sip. Like the Catholic mass there is a whole ritual around the service.

Like Latin, there's a whole language to learn about wine that is difficult to the laymen. You need a priest to interpret for you. Aperitif, Apellation, ...

But both beer and wine are wonderful to drink giving us a wee taste of heaven on this fallen orb.


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