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Beijing Foods – delicious traditional native Northern Chinese foods, lamb hot pot, Peking duck and more

Updated on August 7, 2012

Beijing is known as the capital of China for at least several hundred years. This northern Chinese city has lots of delicious foods that I always crave for. For people that live in the United States, many can only taste American Chinese foods or some other foods from Southern China which is badly made by those that were not chiefs. As a result, many consider Chinese foods to be cheap, tasteless and dirty. However, some of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Beijing offer high quality foods that are cooked by award winning chiefs that learned the traditional way. Hope you will enjoy this hub and pictures of delicious foods.

Peking Duck – This is the signature dish from the Capital of China. It is extremely good from the leading restaurant in Beijing that specializes in this dish. This restaurant is called “Chuan Ju De”, a loose translation would be everything gathers here. They also have lots of traditional Northern Chinese dishes that are very delicious. The Peking duck is roasted fresh when you place your order and will be reading in 20 minutes or so. It comes with fresh cucumbers, scallions, thin bread and black sweet sauce. It is simply the best duck that I have ever had in my life. They also give you a duck soup at the end that is cooked to perfection.

Hot Pot Lamb – The hot pot with lamb is a favorite to eat during the winter times for the native people of Beijing and all Northern Chinese people. It features thinly sliced meat from different parts of the lamb, shrimp, vegetables and other condiments for dipping. This is the traditional dish of Beijing that is enjoyed by people for many generations. Today, the most famous restaurant that specializes in Hot Pot Lamb is called “Dong Lai Shun”, a Muslim restaurant that is known throughout Northern China.

thinly sliced lamb
thinly sliced lamb
thinly sliced lamb
thinly sliced lamb

Beijing snacks – There are lots of snacks that are native to Beijing. They can be bought at all supermarkets, small food stalls and at most Beijing restaurants. These are sweets that cater to the taste buds of the locals and tourist alike. Many snacks have ingredients like red bean and date paste as fillings.

Beijing black sweet sauce style noodles – This noodle dish is enjoyed by many during the hot summer months in Beijing. It uses Northern China's most popular sauce as the basis for this dish. Many people in Beijing have their own recipes and restaurants all around Beijing offer this dish to their clients. It is usually eaten with raw fresh cucumbers and garlic. This dish is very refreshing to eat when it's really hot.


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