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Being Italian

Updated on August 9, 2017

Being Italian

Italian, the word alone brings limitless things to mind. Italian is a nationality as is any other language if you are born into it. Being Italian has limitless possibilities with the different types of food, the list goes on and on. If you ask someone they would say that it is a nationality but that is asking someone who is not Italian, why not try asking someone who is Italian. When you ask someone what being Italian is like they would say it is a lifestyle the limitless amounts of food and family all the time, is the lifestyle. Most people would ask what do you mean by that and that is when they would go into an explanation. Take it from someone who knows, being Italian you don’t just eat Italian food like pasta and pizza. There are many different rules if that is what you want to call them. Being Italian you have to be a good family person because there is always family around. An Italian birthday isn't one where you would just go to a movie.

An Italian birthday party is, not just cake, even though that is what most people’s birthday are now. Italian birthday parties are entire meals, which means, there is more than just pizza and salad. For an Italian birthday party, we have usually limitless amounts of food, a type of pasta, two different types of meat, vegetables, salads, mushrooms, bread and many more items. That is not all that we have, though, usually, we have hors-d'oeuvres after that which include, prosciutto and cheese and nachos and salsa. Sweets are also put out which may include Italian chocolate cookies with icing sugar on them. This is just a few items on the list of Italian foods that you can find at an Italian birthday party or any party that an Italian throws for that matter. Being Italian is not all about the food, it’s also about hanging out with family and talking.

Being Italian means not being able to hear yourself think. How can you not think? People might ask, well with how loud an Italian household is you would understand. For example, whenever you get together for a birthday party like I mentioned before, most of the time everyone is trying to talk to each other over each other. Either they try talking over each other or there is at least two or three different conversations going on at a time and everyone talk, with their hand's none the less. If you are Italian you don’t realize it, but even when you are talking with your friends and family who are not Italian you begin to use your hands in everyday conversation. If people don’t know you they think you are nuts because nobody should talk with their hands right, but only Italians do that. When people ask what nationality you are even if both your parents aren’t Italian the only thing that you say is I’m Italian.

Also, another thing with Italians, whether you are related to every Italian in your community or not, you know them! If you are from the same part of Italy then you are all related in some way. People may say that you are not but those people don’t know how being Italian works. Having an Italian background, whether both your parents are Italian or not, means that you live a life of an Italian. Talking with your hands cooking big meals and having people over all the time, that is what all Italians do. Wouldn't you love going over to an Italian person's house just so that they could cook for you and you could see how they live?

If you are Italian the biggest thing in your world is family, whether it be Sunday dinner, a birthday party or a wedding. For these events, everyone is involved and they last hours, so if you have other plans cancel them, when you are invited to an Italian gathering. They last forever but that's the fun part about it.

This is the Italian Flag that represents Italians
This is the Italian Flag that represents Italians

Being Italian is Limitless

Being Italian is limitless, not only the family aspect and the food but the amount of family that you have and the people you know. It feels as though everything goes on for a limitless amount of time, because Italian families are huge, and you know so many people that it feels limitless and the food that every Italian eats for gatherings is limitless because there is just so much of it. Being Italian means everything is big and loud and there is always so much going on, in limitless amounts. For example family, Sunday dinners if those even exist anymore aren't just your immediate family with your Nonna and Nonno it is the entire family at someone's house, which means it is going to last forever, so if you have homework or other places to b make sure that everything is done before hand.

Being Italian means things are going to be limitlessly big and limitlessly loud, so if you can handle that then you are good, this is for the people who are dating or married to Italians. Bing Italian means everything is limitless because they don't do things just a little bit If they are going to do something they are going to do the whole nine yards. Its the go big or go home concept with them no matter what event it is.

Being Italian means everything you od I s going to be big sand loud because that is the way you were brought up which means you don't know any different. Which can be a good thing because you will always enjoy having people around as you get older because you were brought up with people around all the time.

There is really no disadvantage to being Italian only the limitless advantages that come with being it, one huge advantage is you are always eating good food and you always know how to have a good time with everyone around you. Also, your door is always open to everyone because that is just who you are.

This is an Italian meal that every Italian experiences
This is an Italian meal that every Italian experiences


The Word Italian brings about limitless things to mind, food, family, fun, and loudness just to name a few? Are you Italian do you have the same views as I do or do you know Italians who have the same views? Do you think that Italian even though it's a nationality can it be a lifestyle as well? I would say that it can because, whenever an Italian person talks to someone else they say oh I am Italian like it explains everything, I do it and I know other Italians who do the same. Do you think just saying what your nationality is, explains what you do in your life limitlessly?

What do nationalities mean to each of us? Let's Discuss If you are Italian what limitless things does being Italian entail in your mind Let's Discuss

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