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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Copycat Recipes

Updated on October 26, 2007
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's was formed by two lifelong friends. The single ice cream shop became very popular due to its unique ice cream flavors. Every year in the spring, Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops has a 'Free Scoop Day' and gives out free ice cream cones.

If you've been relocated and don't have a Ben & Jerry's near you, but crave those great ice cream flavor combinations, there's still hope. We have copycat Ben & Jerry's ice cream recipes just for you. Basic ice cream flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate are included. We also have the more unique Ben & Jerry's ice cream recipe clones like Cantaloupe ice cream, Chunky Monkey ice cream, Dastardly Mash ice cream, and many other copy cat ice cream recipes. Enjoy!

Ben & Jerry's Waffle Cone
Ben & Jerry's Waffle Cone


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    • profile image

      neo 5 years ago

      i love cherry garcia! be sure to add vanilla though....

      1-2 teaspoons is good!

    • profile image

      debra 6 years ago

      why don't u make a icecream 4 the 4th of july&call it red,white&u

    • profile image

      Amy 6 years ago

      Isn't there a risk of salmonella when using raw eggs? I can't really find any Ppasteurized eggs here in the netherlands so it would be great to know.

    • hanwillingham profile image

      hanwillingham 6 years ago

      Nice review.

    • profile image

      Dennis 6 years ago

      **** Warning to all ******

      Does anyone verify these links to get the recipes? I just now got a Norton warning telling me to not go to the •Mocha Swiss Chocolate Almond Ice Cream- Ben & Jerry's Copycat Ice Cream Recipe web page. How about someone checking out these links before you post the links here? There are no excuses for this. I would recommend to all not to use this web page anymore!!!!!

    • profile image

      Beth 6 years ago

      Anybody have a copycat for Wavy Gravy? Won the Resurect-a Flavor contest twice. LocalB&J mngr says will never come back permanently b/c not cost-effective. Also,not cooking/tempering base first? those eggs are raw...

    • profile image

      Icecreammaker 7 years ago

      Hiya, I made the strawberry recipe above. I actually used frozen strawberries from the store (they were much cheaper than out of season strawberries). It turned out good. I was really happy with it. Now it means that I can buy strawberries cheap when they are in season and freeze them to use at a later day. Win win. Thanks for the recipes.

    • profile image

      amelia 7 years ago

      I my original cup of Imagine Whirled Peace and Half Baked Coookie Dough, but it tasted better than usual. It was a nice sunny day for ice cream today, too! [I was just being sarcastic,it was actually raining today]

    • profile image

      JimmyYahoo 8 years ago

      The Base #2 needs to add 2 egg yolks to the mix. The resulting ice cream without eggs will be of a soft serve consistency and texture. If you want the rich velvety goodness that is B+J then you need eggs, two of them, yolks that is.

      Goes for all good ice cream.

    • profile image

      Marissa 8 years ago

      Ben and Jerry, U guys are genius. I luv your seven layer coconut bar ice cream.I had it acouple days ago and so far in my life it is the best thing that has ever past my lips.


    • profile image

      nikki 8 years ago

      i was just wondering what kind of raisins do you use in the dastardly mash ice cream?

    • profile image

      DR. GEORGE YUILLE CALDWELL 8 years ago

      How much Palm Oil, other vegetable oils, do you use in Ben & Jerry's Iced Cream?

      Remember, MARGARINE is NOT a food. It is an industrial grease with yellow paint added.