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The Best BBQ Side Dishes

Updated on April 19, 2012
Selection BBQ Side Dishes
Selection BBQ Side Dishes

BBQ side dishes are a really under rated and forgot part of the whole barbecue experience which is a really shame, sure a great steak or burger is nice but you need more than just the meat. When it comes to having the best bbq party you need to have homemade side dishes, they are just as important as the steaks and ribs.

In this hub we're are going to go over loads of homemade bbq side dishes that really are not that hard to make at all, most people think that they have to spend hours making them and they have to be all nice and fancy but really they don't need to be, simple homemade rustic side dishes are the best!

Side Dishes at a BBQ!

Yes! you have got to have side dishes at a barbecue, I love getting invited to friends BBQ's over the summer I really do but 9/10 I end up leaving disappointing, not because of the people don't get me wrong it's because of the food or lack of should we say.

Let me put it this way, if you were to go out to your local restaurant tonight and ordered a steak or a chicken breast and it came on a plate with nothing else you wouldn't be very happy would you, chances are you would send it back! The same applies to barbecues! Having the perfectly cooked steak and a juicy rank of rib is brilliant but very left down if there's nothing to go with them, side dishes make a meal complete and they really are easy to make.

Top 5 BBQ Side Dishes

Before we get into making out side dishes I think it's a good idea to look at the five that should be on everyone's list the next time they are planning a barbecue.

Here they are in no particular order,

#5 - Coleslaw

Now this should be on all tables and every barbecue in the land, this must be one of the ultimate side dishes which everyone loves especially if its homemade.

#4 - Potato Salad

Another Classic and personal favorite of mine I have to say, dead easy to make, friends, family and guests will love it.

#3 - Grilled Corn On The Cob

Everyone worries about making corn on the cob on a BBQ but it really isn't that hard to master, give them a go you will be surprised how easy they are.

#2 - Tuna Pasta Salad

Almost everyone loves pasta it's really healthy for you too which is great. Tuna pasta at a barbecue really breaks the whole meal up and is a great addition to the table.

#1 - Loaded Potato Skins

There are endless combinations for potato skins there really are and its they taste out of this world which is why everyone loves them!

What About Store Bought Dishes?

Now I know what a lot people think when it comes to planning a BBQ, "Ah I great most of it from the store, that will do". True you can go to the store and buy tons of different side dishes all done and dusted ready to go BUT and i'm gonna be bluntly honest here, they taste like crap!

Homemade side dishes are so much better for a few reasons, the first is they taste a million times better and too they are so much better for you. With you making them your using fresh produce and you know what your putting in your foods, leaving out all those bad preservatives.

What Are Your Favorite BBQ Side Dishes?

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    • exthus profile image

      exthus 5 years ago

      What about some quorn side dishes? :D For the vegetarians. Awesome hub! Voted up! :p