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Best Brunch Spots in Montreal

Updated on July 26, 2016


5201 Boul St-Laurent

Lawrence is a chic little resto in the Plateau that does all things meat. Getting meat from the local butcher across the street you know everything you're getting is top notch quality and extremely fresh. I went here for my 20th birthday brunch as was not disappointed with my steak tartare and mimosa. They also have a second branch of the restaurant next door called Larry's which serves all day breakfast!

Cafe Cherrier

3635 Rue Saint-Denis

Oh this is just the cutest cafe right on Saint Denis near Sherbrooke metro! The ambiance is mature, relaxing, and all around beautiful! I came here with my family as a treat and everything was delicious. This was my mom's smoked salmon bagel, (even look at that piped cream cheese!) I had an amazing comforting french onion soup and my dad had a veal tortellini. The service was great and the food was divine!

Restaurant L'Avenue

922 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Up by Mont-Royal, no matter what the weather you'll always see a long line out the door of L'Avenue. I'd know, I waited in the middle of February for this place! Though the wait is always long it's definitely worth it. The decor of the place is instantly eye catching; motorcycles, large maple syrup cans, a black light bathroom - you've never seen a place quite like this. The water here is infused with watermellon, the fruit is fresh, and the eggs benedict OH BABY. Creamy and delicious all around. 10/10 on my brunch scale.


1310 Boul de Maisonneuve Est

For a switch from the ordinary go to the extraordinary! Ma'tine was situated right across from my old apartment in the gay village. The menu is constantly changing daily with new and exciting flavours. It's something you need to experience for yourself. The hipster vibe that the restaurant possesses is both aesthetically pleasing and quaint. From the fresh baked pastries they sell at the front to the exquisite mains this place is definitely a hidden gem that I am guilty of going to every other week!


5322 Boul St-Laurent

By weekday, hip and trendy boozy bar. By weekend, the most scrumptious brunch resto with all the bells and whistles! I've come to sparrow many times in the blistering cold because it is just that good. I've ventured for the amazing steak and eggs, shakshuka, turkish plate, and the nutella filled donuts. Even thinking about it right now my mouth is watering! This gem only serves brunch on the weekend until 3:00 so get it while you can! Space fills up quickly!


1441 Rue Amherst

For a more traditional greasy spoon brunch try this one out for size! With it's many locations you're never out of luck for a quick and easy brunch, Their freshly blended smoothies are the perfect way to kick off the day! Eggs made anyway you like, crepes that are to die for, and bacon bacon bacon! What's not to love!

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