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Best Cheap Restaurants in Detroit's Northern Suburbs

Updated on August 22, 2011

My Favorite Five for Around Five

I am a paramedic that has been working in Oakland county Michigan, just north of Detroit, for a number of years now. I often find myself having to buy food no the road, quickly, and on a budget. Though some would think paramedics are in the field for the money, that is just not the case, we love our job and live on strict budgets. Often I will limit my spending to under $5 a meal. I have five favorite restaurants for around $5 or less.

  1. Mr. Kabob in Berkly, it is located on the corner of Twelve Mile Rd and Coolidge, inside the gas station. Now I know that there will be people reading this thinking "gas station food, really. I can't trust this guy", but I promise you, this stuff is unlike any gas station food that I have ever had before. It is middle eastern cuisine that is cook fresh right there and prepared to order. The food there has won several awards and for good reason. There pita wraps are all under $5 and for only a little bit more you can get a lunch special that comes with a entree, side of rice, and pita (good sized portion too, they do not skimp out on food here). This place has the best chicken shawarma that I have ever had, and I have had shawarma in Kuwait before, no joke. This place is a must try.
  2. Peppy's Pizza Subs and Bakery in Troy, it is located on Livernois just south of Square Lake Rd. It is a small building close to the road south of the BP gas station (not in the gas station this time, I promise). This is a small place with lots of food for carry out. It is owned and operated by a family of very nice people who provide great service and even better food. They have awesome baked goods that I just love, a great place for baklava. They have pizza slices and pasties that are good and usually ready to go, all for under $5. Their subs are very good and made to order. The only problem with this place is that they are not opened on Sunday unless you place a large enough order in advance. Otherwise this is a great place to eat while on the go or just in the mood for something sweet and quick.
  3. Southfield Coney Island Joe's in Southfield, it is on Southfield Rd about a half mile north of Twelve Mile rd. The address is 29728 Southfield Rd, it is in the corner of a shopping center. It is owned by a man named Joe who has been there cooking every time that I have gone in. It is a traditional diner style that has good simple foods. I really like to go there for breakfast. The prices are good, several specials for under $4, the service is always good. You can watch Joe cook your food, or his sons who are often there cooking as well. They do a good job getting the food out prompt, it tastes good, and it is easy on the wallet. I recommend this place. I have only ever had breakfast here. I have heard that there lunch/dinner food is good as well but have no personal experience with it.
  4. Hoggers in Berkley, it is located on Twelve Mile rd west of Coolidge, the address is 2959 W. 12 Mile. They are a good BBQ place that has awesome pulled pork sandwiches. They have it listed as a lunch special on their menu at just over $6 but they often will have it on special for less. They have several appetizers that are under $5 and their entrees are mostly under $10. This is a great little BBQ place in a Great little town. They have multiple sauces that you can try. All of the sauces that I have had have all been good. They have a good variety of Cajun food on the menu as well. An awesome place if you are in the mood for Cajun or BBQ.
  5. Happy's Pizza in Oak Park. It is on the north west corner of Nine Mile and Coolidge. They do have several locations in the area but this one and the one in Madison Heights on the north east corner of Eleven Mile and John R are my favorites. This place has quite a few lunch specials for $5, including rib tips, shrimps, subs, and chicken wings. If money is really tight they have slices of pizza for $2 that are 1/4 of a large pizza, this is by far my favorite place to eat when I have less than $5 dollars to spend. I get good pizza that fills me up for a while and I only have to pay $2. I also recommend their shrimp, they are good sized and very tasty.

I hope if you are in the area and on a budget that this list helps you. This is one Paramedics opinion and the prices on these items may likely change over time. Not all experiences will be the same. I have had great experiences at all of theses place. Enjoy.


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    • Jason DEF profile image

      Jason DEF 6 years ago from USA

      Thank you cardelean, I am glad you enjoyed the list. I hope you enjoy the food from it as much as I have.

    • cardelean profile image

      cardelean 6 years ago from Michigan

      Oh Happy's Pizza in Oak Park! That is where I get pizza from for my students! I am a teacher in Oak Park and a big fan of Happy's! This is a great list and I will be bookmarking it for future times that we have half days or teacher inservice days, thanks! Welcome to Hubpages Jason Def!