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Best Chef Knife: What To Get?

Updated on September 2, 2012
Typical Chef Knife Set by Victorinox
Typical Chef Knife Set by Victorinox


The best chef knife is not the most expensive one, not even the most high tech one. The best chef knife is the one you need. If you are a chef in French restaurant, you will probably want the most accurate and precise ceramic chef knife, but if you just like to cook from time to time, then what you might need is one of the reliable kitchen knives that don’t cost a fortune.

The most important thing about a chef knife is the blade, which can be from carbon steel, stainless steel, laminated and ceramic. Each material has its advantages and its flaws, for instance: the carbon steel retains its sharpness but tends to get darker in time and trouble could appear with rust or corrosion; stainless steel has none of the trouble earlier mentioned, but needs to be sharpened more often; laminated blades need to be sharpened even more often, while the ceramic blades are the most precise and the one that needs the least to be sharpened, but it is frail.

Bestselling Chef Knives

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It is important to know what type of blades exist on the market and what these blades can do, as well as how much time does the sharpness of knife lasts, because the more you use the knife, the more should a knife retain that its grounded edges, so you would have to it yourself.

Moreover, depending on your cooking style, you’ll have to choose the type of chef knife that suits you: French style chef knifes (sharper at the tip of the knife for precision cutting), German style (the same sharpness all along the blade). Furthermore, there is this relatively new wave of Japanese blades, among which the most famous is the Santoku chef knife, which has the same width like the French and German chef knifes, but its length is not as large. On the blade there are scalloped patterns, which improve the precision of the knife.

All these being considered here is what one needs to pay attention when buying a chef knife is the material that the blade is made of, how long it retains its sharpness and the ergonomic shape of the handle (it is important if you get to cook a lot).


Prices of the knifes are different, depending on what’s the blade made of, the way the knife is assembled and other details of construction. This way, a reliable chef knife can start with 20 US dollars, but can get up to a few hundreds of dollars. hopefully this chef knives review has been helpful!


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      Brian L. Powell 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas (Oak Cliff)

      Nice review. The information was useful.