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Best Chicago Pizza Anywhere

Updated on June 4, 2010

Chicago Best Pizza

Best Chicago Pizza

When it comes to pizza, people tend to be very vocal, and very territorial. Among most pizza aficionados, the two pizzas worth fighting over are the best Chicago pizza and the best New York Pizza. Which city has the world's best pizza? It's tough to say for sure, but Chicago style pizza is all the rage these days. The number of people who love good Chicago pizza explains its popularity across the country, including a Colorado based franchise entitled, not so creatively, Old Chicago.

The best pizza in Chicago can be a tough case to judge, even for the most experienced pizza gourmets. Chicago's pizza is world famous thanks to its namesake, Chicago style pizza.

But standard Chicago-style isn't the only kind of world class pizza made in Chicago. Several beloved Chicago pizza places serve a variation on the classic Chicago-style, known as stuffed pizza.

Another mouth watering type of great Chicago pizza is the stuffed pizza, which is a pie with not just one crust, but two crusts. The extra crust on the top makes the pizza more like a traditional pie and allows for toppings to be piled higher without concern for them burning too quickly while the middle of the pizza is cooking. Even better, stuffed crust pizzas have their top crust covered with sauce making each bite even more savory than the last. Giordano's is a top Chicago pizza favorite in this category. There are several Giordano's locations in and around Chicago including 730 N Rust St., Chicago, IL 60611 .

Yet another style of Chicago pizza is served by many pizzerias, the thin crust pizza. Unlike New York style thin crust pizza where the crust is too thin and soft to be held in a single hand without folding the slice, the many of the best pizza restaurants in Chicago have a crispy thin crust which will support the full weight of the pizza slice without any trouble. Giordano's makes some of the best thin crust Chicago pizza as well. Other top chicago pizza places serving up the thin crust version include Aurelio' Pizza.

Best Pizza in Chicago

Chicago style pizza means thick crust. The kind of thick crust that can only come from a really deep dish. The best Chicago deep dish pizza carries the weight of being the best deep dish pizza in the city that invented deep dish pies, so this is not a lightweight category.

Chicago-style pizza is characterized by its thick crust. The best crusts are not just thick, but buttery and flaky as well. Real Chicago-style pizza is baked in a high walled pan coated with olive oil which not only flavors the crust, but gives it a fried type of effect as well. In other words, to be considered for the best, the nomination is dependant upon a high, thick, crust with crispy sides, just like the pies served up at Lou Malnati's. They've got locations all over Chicago, including one of the local favorites at 3859 West Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60623.

Some of the other top contenders for Chicago Best Pizza in the deep dish traditional Chicago-style pizza category include the Chicago legends, Uno's and Due (get it?), and the Original Gino's Pizza and Gino's East.

Chicago Pizza Delivery Order Online

Now that your mouth is watering for some of that great Chicago pizza, pick your favorite pizza joint off our best chicago pizzaria list, call up some friends, and head on out.

What's that? You don't live in Chicago?

Don't worry, some of the best Chicago pizza can be delivered right to your door no matter where you live. Online delivery of Chicago pizza is offered by Lou Malnati's who ships its pizza all over the country through its Taste of Chicago website. Four of the best pizzas the city of Chicago offers shipped right to your door for $79.95, or get two pizza pies for $55.95.

Now, there are no excuses. Get out there and order your Chicago pizza!


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    • profile image

      paul 6 years ago

      live in calif from chi home run inn will ship best pizza any where

    • HomeFinderPro profile image

      HomeFinderPro 6 years ago from Mesa

      I was born in Chicago and have to say that Giordanos pizza is amazing. I haven't been able to find deep dish pizza like it anywhere else... Great hub!

    • profile image

      roby 6 years ago

      do you know anyone that will ship me a chitown pizza for under 400.00? i live in wv and i am from chicago.

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      Great Pizza, I live in California and the Pepperoni was great!

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 7 years ago from Denver, CO

      Looking for some new Chicago pizza places that ship anywhere in the US? Anyone know of any other nation-wide pizza delivery from Chicago?

    • profile image

      ChiArchBuff 7 years ago

      Go on one of the Second City Pizza Tours to try several of the Chicago pizza venues through a guided tour.

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 8 years ago from Denver, CO

      Live in Denver? Check out my Hub about the best Denver Pizza

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 8 years ago from Denver, CO

      #8 - 09/16/09