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Best Cupcake Carriers - Top 5 Finds for Transporting Cupcakes

Updated on September 3, 2012

Transporting Cupcakes Made Easy

Iced and decorated cupcakes are some of the most loved baked treats for picnics and snacks for school functions. However, they are also one of the most difficult to transport. Sometimes, cupcake boxes are used to solve the problem, but it can only be used once. Thus came the product called cupcake carriers which make transporting these baked goodies a lot easier and more fun.

However, not all cupcake carriers are equated equal. Since cupcakes are normally designed with icings or frostings on the top that just a slight bump can damage the design that has been produced for hours. So this can present a great problem with transporting them. That is why, every baker should look for that one carrier that can safety transport the cupcakes and let it arrive in the destination at its original and best state. This hubpage presents the result of the research on which cupcake carriers are the best ones in the market. It was narrowed down to five products and here are the results.

Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container

Top Choice for the Best Cupcake Carrier


This cupcake carrier, available in colors of pink, yellow and blue, comes in tree trays that can be pile up one on top of the others. Each of the trays has 12 individual cups that are designed to be deep enough to hold securely. This cupcake carrier has an excellent clearance between each layer which is best for generously iced and decorated cupcakes. You do not have to worry about squashing the icing because the cupcakes will not be removed from their place as it will be deep-seated carefully to avoid damage.

The colors are very appealing especially to for bringing cupcakes for snacks in schools. The clips are very easy to open and close yet very secure. You will be assured that once it reached the destination, your cupcakes would still be at their best delectable shapes. This can be converted into a full size cake carrier by simply removing the trays.


Since this carrier is plastic, you need to be careful using it as they have some kind of a brittle quality that might easily break. Others also find the deep cups as a disadvantage because it will be harder to get out the cupcakes without touching the frostings. The carrier also is bulky, so you have to make sure there is enough room for its storage.

Snapware Cupcake Carrier

Snapware 6032 Large 2 Layer-Cupcake Keeper: The Almost Perfect Cupcake Carrier


Snapware 6032 Large 2 Layer-Cupcake Keeper has a detachable second layers that will allow you to carry up to 2 dozens of cupcakes easily as compared to just using one large box which is kind of discomfited for small cargo. The holders of cupcakes are awesome as it holds the cupcakes firmly on their place so that they don’t bump on each other. The trays that can be put on top of the other also have enough spacing that the decorated frosting will not be squashed. The cupcake trays are also reversible that is very practical for transporting rectangular, square or even loaf breads and other food stuff. The trays sit flat on the bottom for cupcake use and simply fold the handles down on the tray and turn it into a shelf for transporting cookies. The affordable price tag that goes with it is another positive point in its favor.


The drawback of this is the lock that attaches the tray on the top to the knob and the base tray because it appears flimsier than those utilized in the lid itself. This could be a potential problem in carrying the tray. It also does not include smaller slots for those cute mini cupcakes which could also be useful in certain occasions.

Good Cook Cupcake Carrier


This product has two trays that can carry up to 24 pieces of cupcakes. The holder are deep enough to hold the cupcakes firmly. It has a handle that can easily be gripped by the user and allow her to bring it just anywhere. This is quite important especially for those bakers who will use this for a part or catering. It also feature locks that assures users that concoction are safe inside and not spill all over once it is opened. This product is also stylish enough that it can also serve as the main serving dish for the cupcakes during parties. This is also designed with an air tight that makes it not only good for cupcake transport but also for storage for a longer period of time.


But one of the drawbacks of this product is the spacing between the layers. If you are a frosting baker, this will not best suit you. The spacing is too narrow that decorative icings may be flatten on the second layer. Although the cupcake holders can hold the cake securely to keep it safe for traveling, it is very difficult to take them out without getting the icing on your fingers.

Progressive International Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

An Innovative Cupcake Carrier

This carrier can transport 24 tasty treat cupcakes or 10” layer round or 9” square cakes. The cupcake trays are tiered to be extra tall so that you can use it even for those heaps of decorative icings. The cups are also designed to be extra deep so that it can firmly held the cupcakes while they are being transported. It also has finger holes so that you can easily remove individual cupcakes without getting your hand all messy. If you would like to use it for cakes, you just have to remove the cupcake trays to reveal flat base. It also comes with a built in slicing guide for an easy serving of layered cakes. The handles are securely attached to the base with clips for easy carrying. The special feature comes with the trays that can be fold up and collapsed 1/3 of the original height and be put inside the cake carrier for its easy storage.

The trays of this carrier are also made out of a high quality of plastic. Even if some food coloring will be in contact with it for few days, it can easily be removed and will not leave any stain. The locks are also so secure as compared to any other cupcake caddy in the market today.

Oneida 24-Count Cupcake Carrier

Oneida 24-Count Cupcake Carrying Case is a two tiered cupcake carrier that can hold up to 12 cupcakes on each tray. The bottom layer is an actual cupcake pan where can be used for actual baking. The cups itself is quiet good for holding the cupcakes firmly.

The bottom pan of this carrier is a real muffin pan, which is full depth. Once you already have your cupcakes put in there, it would be very difficult to take them out without getting your hand mess up with the frostings. The top tray is also not quiet impressive. It is made of those low quality soft plastics that sag down when being filled with the cupcakes. This makes the spacing in between very narrow. The effect is that it will mess smearing all the frosting of the cupcakes at the layer below it. The decorative toppings will be all ruined. The handles are also doubtful if it can actually hold heavy cupcakes. So better hold it at the bottom just to make sure your cupcakes will not be over the place when you open it. This carrier is not cleverly designed. Buying Oneida 24-Count Cupcake Carrying Case would still lead you to dread of thinking how to transport your cupcakes.


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