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The Best Adult Beverages

Updated on September 29, 2020
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Cristale Adams is an online author and publisher. Her articles vary in topics and focus on real life. She always enjoys learning new things.

Drinkable Alcohol

Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is drinkable alcohol that is a volatile and highly flammable, colorless liquid. This type of alcohol is commonly used as a fuel but is also used as a solvent, an antiseptic, an intoxicant, in thermometers, and as a psychoactive drug. Ethanol is imported and exported all over the world with strong regulations and heavy taxation. Ethanol is contained in all alcoholic beverages and is one of the most highly consumed substances in the world, along with water, coffee, and tea. This consumable liquid is also referred to as pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol.

This unique and consumable alcohol is produced by fermentation, which is culturing yeast in comfortable conditions for the production of alcohol. This is simply the breaking down of sugar into alcohol and is how beer and all other alcoholic beverages start. The purification of alcohol is a process called distillation, which simply removes the water that is contained in the alcohol. Fermented alcohol is available in a range of purities that can be consumed with no additives or and added to other beverages to create alcoholic beverages. A higher percentage of purity of alcohol means higher a higher intoxication level. Other ingredients may be added during the fermentation process for flavoring and coloring purposes.

Ethanol Chemical Formula

Types of Beverages That Contain Ethanol

There are only three main types of beverages that contain ethanol. These main types of alcoholic beverages are popular and consumed everywhere around the world during the holidays, special occasions, and even during the weekends. The main types of beverages that contain ethanol are:

  1. Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed ethanol beverage in the world. This alcoholic beverage is the third most widely consumed beverage, right after water, coffee, and tea. Beer is produced by steeping starches in water and then fermenting with yeast and other ingredients. This is called the brewing process for all beer. There are different types of beer to choose from, which can range in appearance, taste, and color.
  2. Wine is made from fermented fruit juices, usual grapes in particular, and is aged by large amounts of time passing before being consumed for a sweet flavor. Wine contains ethanol with no added sugars and is all-natural. Different types of wine will vary from color, age, and flavor.
  3. Spirits contain distilled ethanol from fermenting fruits, grain, and vegetables along with yeast. This drink contains no added sugar and is all-natural. The spirits to choose from a range in different colors and flavors, but also in different alcohol purity levels. Spirits are mixed with juices and other ingredients for mixed drinks.

*Disclaimer: This article does not promote underage drinking, irresponsible drinking, or drinking and driving in any way, shape, or form.

Please Always Drink Responsibly!

Never Drink And Drive!

Never Let Any One Else Drink And Drive!

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The Best Alcoholic Beverages

Most times people like to enjoy strong drinks, which are alcoholic beverages that contain high amounts of ethanol. The type of alcoholic beverage a person chooses to drink always depends on their own personal taste and preference because every person likes something different. For example, some people like sweet and fruity drinks while other people prefer sour and bitter-tasting drinks. There are many different alcoholic beverages to choose from and sometimes the occasion or season can also determine what alcoholic beverage is right for the circumstance. The list below contains the best alcoholic beverages to consume during any occasion, season, or event. All of the beverages included in the list should be consumed in moderation and some of the beverages are actually healthy to consume in limited amounts.

1. An Ice Cold Beer.

The first best alcoholic beverage on the list is beer because it is the most healthy, the most popular, and the most consumed drink that contains ethanol. Many men and women enjoy a few beers while at a bar, hanging out at home, or even during ball games. There are many different brands, types, and varieties of beer to choose from and each one have it's own unique appearance, flavor, and aroma. Beer can be served from a tap through a keg or straight from a bottle or can, just as long as it's ice cold. Beer has been around for a long amount of time, including the Prohibition Era when alcohol first became popular during the 1920s. Since then, beer is legal to purchase and consume, as long as the consumer is over the age of 21.

2. Two Glasses of Wine.

The second best alcoholic beverage is also healthy and natural and is mainly enjoyed by women. There are many different types and brands of wine options to choose from, including different colors and ages. A few examples of the different wine available are red, white, and blush. Each type of wine has it's own appearance, taste, aroma, and flavor. A few glasses of wine always enhance a person's mood. Wine is usually best served with a romantic dinner, a celebration, or even with cheese.

3. Some Vodka Mixed with Any Juice.

Since vodka is the most popular liquor around the world, this best alcoholic beverage is third. Vodka is colorless, aroma-less, and also has less of an alcohol taste when compared to other kinds of spirits. Vodka is also easy to mix for any type of alcoholic beverage. There are also many different types of vodka to choose from including flavors and different brands. Vodka is produced from mainly water and ethanol but can also include added flavoring or colors. Grains and potatoes, along with fruits or sugar, are fermented to give vodka a unique flavor and appearance. The alcohol content contained in most vodka produced around the world is 40%. The different types of alcoholic beverages that contain vodka are limitless, so the possibilities of creating new vodka beverages are also limitless.

4. Rum with Banana Pineapple Orange Juice Topped with Grenadine.

Rum is also another spirit that makes another best alcoholic beverage. Rum is made from extracted molasses and other sugarcane byproducts through fermentation and distillation. To distill this spirit, oak barrels are used to create the wonderful color, flavor, and aroma that rum possesses. The alcohol content for most types and brands of rum is 50%. Rum may be served alone, with ice, or mixed with other ingredients for great alcoholic beverages during any occasion. There are also cooking and baking recipes that included rum for a more unique flavor added to food. Some of the most famous particular beverages made with rum are the pina colada and the strawberry daiquiri.

*Can be served with a cherry and garnished with tropical fruit slices.

5. Three Strawberry Frozen Margaritas with a Salt-Lined Rim.

Tequila is another best alcoholic beverage because of the higher alcohol content. Tequila usually only contains 38-40% alcohol content but can be produced with an alcohol content as high as 55%. This distilled beverage originates from the blue agave plant in Mexico. Named after the city, Tequila is distinguished from other spirits by having a much stronger aroma and flavor. The price of tequila can be very high, sometimes in the $22,000 price range for one bottle. This spirit can be consumed alone, usually as a shot with some salt and lime, or mixed with other ingredients for a countless number of mixed drinks. The most popular tequila beverages are the long island iced tea and a traditional margarita.

6. A Whiskey Sour or Two or Three...

The final best alcoholic beverage on the list is whiskey, which is produced from fermented grain mash including corn, barley, rye, and wheat. Whiskey is aged in wooden casks, made of charred white oak. Whiskey is strictly regulated worldwide, with different types and classes to choose from. Many countries around the world produce and export whiskey which makes it one of the most popular spirits to consume. Whiskey is best consumed alone or on ice and is best when sipped on. Many whiskey consumers choose only this drink as their favorite, above all else.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Cristale Adams


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