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Best Formulas for Gassy Babies

Updated on January 20, 2015

If all babies could just thrive on the same baby formula, then this parenting would be made so much easier! Reality is that not every baby’s sensitive tummy can handle any kind of formula, and sometimes you just need to try a few different kinds to find his/her match!

Sure, it can be frustrating, seeing them grunting in pain from gas and spitting up a lot after each feeding; think about how they feel on the wrong kind of formula!

It’s hard as a parent because you just have to watch them work through the painful, gassy episodes and try to help by various means. One of the solutions is to try a different formula.

As always, it’s best to consult their pediatrician when changing formulas or if there’s a problem.


Best Formulas for Gassy Babies

You are probably here because you, like many other moms, are on the hunt for the golden formula. You know, the best formula for gassy babies. As stated earlier, if there was a one-size-fits-all formula for gassy babies, it would almost be too easy.

You are probably already aware that each baby is very different in how they react to foods. This means that a formula that works for one gassy baby might not work well for the next. While this can seem complicated, you just have to try a few.

I am here to give you a recommendation for the best formula for gassy babies, and since there isn’t a single one, I will list a few for you to try out and hopefully you will find one that works!

  • Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG: This is one of the top rated formulas for gassy babies. Some babies are sensitive to lactose and sucrose which this formula conveniently leaves out, while also including probiotics tp help the baby’s belly digest properly.
  • Enfamil Prosobee: If you’ve found that your baby cannot digest cow's milk proteins or lactose found in most formulas, then you may wish to switch over to a soy formula such as Enfamil Prosobee. Soy definitely not for all babies and you should definitely talk to your baby’s pediatrician before switching from milk-based to soy.
  • Enfamil Gentlease: This is a milk-based formula, but with far less lactose when compared to most formulas. Many babies are sensitive to lactose, or lactose intolerant, and this formula has been found to reduce gas in babies with such a sensitivity.
  • Similac Isomil Advance: This is basically Similac’s version of Enfamil Prosobee. It is soy-based which means it’s formulated to be helpful for those babies who suffer from sensitivity to cow’s milk
  • Similac Sensitive: Many moms swear by this formula in their gassy baby! It’s specifically formulated to help their little tummies along with a special carbohydrate in the mix. It is a milk-based formula like most others.


Which baby bottle brand does your little one like best?

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Other Ways to Reduce Gas

Making the choice to feed a baby formula is all trial and error. Sometimes you might find that the formula is not what is the problem, after all! So while you think you might have found the right formula for your little one, also take into consideration the following tips to help their little belly!

  • Let the bottle sit: Many of us are guilty of shaking and not stirring the bottles to mix the water and formula. It is the fastest way to fix it up, but what happens when you shake it? Air bubbles and lots of them. It’s best not to give the bottle to the baby immediately after shaking it. Allow the bottle to sit for a couple of minutes to settle down a bit and this should help to reduce some gas.

  • Nipple/bottle choice: Some bottles are better than others at keeping the air out of the baby! I know Similac makes a special bottle called SimplySmart which has a device in the bottle for easier mixing and is well-designed to remove excess air while feeding.

  • Burp well: This may seem like a given, but sometimes those burps don’t always come fast. Keep on burping that baby until you get it out!

  • Position: Try different feeding positions for your baby. Often times, holding them more upright during feedings can help get the gas out more quickly when burping afterward. Also, pay close attention to the angle of the bottle so you can make sure they’re not sucking in air.

  • Feeding times: There is no set feeding schedule for any baby and I’m a firm believer in feeding them when they are hungry, on demand. This doesn’t mean you can’t alter how much they eat in each sitting. Sometimes feeding them smaller amounts more frequently can help solve the problem. Consult his or her pediatrician if you wish to switch up their feeding routine.

If only babies came with manuals! Be patient with any changes you make as you might not see an effect right away. Always try one thing at a time so that it is easier to pinpoint just what is causing the problem. You’ll be back to smiles and coos in no time!

How to Burp a Baby


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