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Best French Presses for 2016

Updated on April 21, 2016


French Press, invented in 1929 by Attilio Calimani is one of the basic ways of brewing coffee. A French Press is also known with different names in different regions as caffettiera, coffee plunger, a coffee press or a cafetière. Like Chemex and Aeropress, many coffee fanatics love the fresh coffee brewed by French Press due to it's simplicity and the taste being passed to the cup.

To get the best coffee from a French Press, one has to use coarser coffee grounds and since the French Presses are not supposed to hold the hot coffee, it should be consumed as soon as it's brewed. Now days, their are French Presses with double insulated stainless steel body to retain heat for long, but still to get the best lingering taste, consume the freshly brewed coffee or Make Only When You Need It. A list has been compiled below detailing the Best Picks for 2016.

12. Le Crueset Stoneware French Press

Le Crueset is a well known brand for quality premium cookware. Few years back, the brand introduced a French Press which has now become quiet popular due to it's unique design, broad variety of colors and the material used. The material used in this French Press is enamel glazed stoneware for the body and stainless steel for plunger and mesh. It only comes in single 27 oz size which can't be stated as small or large. The pot is said to be dishwasher safe but we would say to keep only at the top shelf. This French Press keeps coffee hot for a longer span then the traditional one's with glasses as the material has some heat retaining ability.

11. FORLIFE Cafe Style French Press

At number 11 is the French Press by FORLIFE. On first glance, it won't even look like a French Press, rather it looks like a tall water jug. At the bottom, there is silicone padding to ensure strong standing at any base. The carafe is made using high-fired ceramic whereas the plunger consists of stainless steel and silicone mesh. It is available in 32 oz size and an array of colors. What made this to our list is the variety of colors, distinct design and the heat retaining capacity for around one hour.

10. Ceramic French Press

The next one on number ten is the Ceramic French Press. With a rubber base for strong hold at any platform and ceramic body for heat retention, it is a decent choice of many. The body is decently designed for elegant kitchens only in white color. It's simple construction and feasible pricing made this model to the list of Best French Presses.

9. Bodum Chambord French Press

Bodum, a brand that is mostly heard by all coffee fanatics has a wide range of French Presses. One of it's unique product is Chambord, a king's like French Press. It is classically designed and looks a rich. This design made Bodum famous in 1980s and since then, this model hasn't changed much. It is not insulated, so this is for you only if you like to serve your coffee just after preparation.

8. Bodum Insulated Travel French Press

At number 8 is the Travel French Press by Bodum. The brand is the master in making French Presses and has years of experience in the coffee niche. This mini French Press is ideal for those who just run away after waking up from bed. It can brew coffee without spilling even if you are running with its insulated lid. You can drink the coffee from the French Press itself, quite simple. It makes 15 ounces of coffee and keeps coffee hot for a few hours.

7. Espro Press Coffee Maker

Coming to number 7, is the Espro Press Coffee Maker, a little bit enhanced French Press Coffee making system. It has unique patent pending filters that leave no residue in your cup. The coffee will taste much like a filter coffee. This model also keeps the coffee hot for hours and there is a buffer between the two filters preventing over extraction of coffee in longer spans. What makes this French Press sit back is it's a bit hard for cleaning and the plunger is not smooth to press down.

6. Bodum Columbia French Press

This attractive French Press sits at number 6 in our list. It does the same things as all the other French Presses do and additionally, it also prevents heat from escaping due to it's double wall system. It's unique shut-open lid also doesn't lets the coffee spill during the brewing process. It is available in 4 sizes to suit everyone's preference.

5.Grosche Madrid Premium French Press

At number 5, we have a unique art piece from Grosche. With it's sleek chrome frame and borosilicate beaker, it looks marvelous on any counter. It's special feature is an extraa filter on the lid which doesn't lets the coarser particles pass to the cup. The manufacturer highly recommends using coarser grounds to avoid any sediments in the final output.

4. Frieling French Press

On number 4 is the Stainless Steel French Press by Frieling with features like insulated body to keep the coffee hot, metal body for durability and all metal plunger that makes this French Press as the most sturdy selection. One doesn't has to worry about replacement parts until the part has lost somewhere. It's available in 4 sizes and 4 different textures.

3. Bodum Brazil French Press

Bodum again captures the number 3 position with it's Brazil French Press. It is a fancy design French Press with attractive colors and the Brand Embossed on bottom. It simply does a good work as any other good French Press can, but what attracts consumers is it's fancy design and the label of reputed brand. It is available in 2 sizes only, 12 oz and 34 oz.

2. SterlingPro Double Wall French Press

Now this French Press is almost a winner but lacks behind because of a simple design. Yet it's a wonderful product from SterlingPro. It's double insulated body keeps the coffee hot for upto 4 hours and even more. Simple design makes it easy to use and clean and all metal body makes it dishwasher safe and durable. It's filter is finely designed to keep the Grounds away from the cup. Bring it once for your kitchen and you are never going to need a second French Press until any of your friend takes it away. It's available in 1l and 1.5l sizes with a very feasible pricing.

1. Kona French Press Coffee Maker

Kona is one best selling French Press from years. It has a great sculpted design that keeps this French Press at the top in all. The plastic frame protects the glass beaker from damage yet with a modern design. It's glass is extra thick to prevent from thermal shocks. This French press is easily cleanable and dishwasher safe.

The list above of Best French Presses has wiped out many French Presses to help you choose your preference in good built quality. All the options have already been accepted by many people with good feedbacks. Though the list is sorted in an order, it's your requirement and need to pick the one for your coffee cup.


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