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Best Ground Beef With Rice Noodles Recipe

Updated on September 10, 2018
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Best Ground Beef with Rice Noodles

best ground beef with rice noodles
best ground beef with rice noodles | Source

Best Ground Beef with Rice Noodles Recipe

Best Ground Beef with Rice Noodles Recipe

Noodles with ground beef and a hint of lime is very easy to prepare. The ground beef with rice noodles will be satisfying and warm your belly and the ingredients for the ground beef with rice noodles are not expensive.

  • For this best ground beef with rice noodles recipe, you will be needing two separate pots for the ground beef and for the rice noodles.
  • Pour 2 tablespoons of cooking oil into the pot that you plan to use to cook the ground beef.
  • Meat from the grocery store should always be washed in my opinion. This can be done even with the ground beef that you will be using for this best ground beef with rice noodles recipe.
  • You can go ahead and rinse the meat and drain it, making sure that none of the ground beef falls out of the bowl and into the sink or down the drain.

After you have drained the ground beef, then you are ready to season the ground beef.

Seasoning the ground beef

Seasoning that you will need:

  • Salt,
  • ground black pepper
  • garlic powder

will be the key spices for seasoning the ground beef but you can add a little bit of other spices such as red pepper flakes to suit your taste. I enjoy spicy food so I have a tendency to use red pepper flakes when seasoning many meat main dishes but I might also wait until the end of the cooking process and add the red pepper flakes to my food portion only in case others that I am serving do not want as much spice as I typically do. After the ground beef has been washed, drained and seasoned in a bowl, then next, you will want to add it to the pot with the coating of oil.

  1. You can start to heat the pot with the oil on medium a minute or two before adding the seasoned ground beef to the pot.
  2. Stay close to your cooking pot and stir the ground beef occasionally. The raw ground beef will be pink and as it cooks up, the color of the ground beef in the pot will become more and more brown.
  3. Ground beef cooks up relatively quickly. A large pot containing a significant amount of ground beef (2 pounds or more) on medium heat should need around 20 minutes with occasional stirring for the meat to be thoroughly cooked.

When you are pleased with how the cooking ground beef is starting to shape up, you can then focus your attention to using another burner on your stove top to cook the thin white rice noodles. You can often find these rice noodles in ethnic or international aisles of supermarkets. Thin white noodles are often a product of Thailand and can be found positioned near to other Thai products such as sauces and Thai coconut milk in the grocery store.

Cooking ground beef

ground beef cooking
ground beef cooking

Thai rice noodles : thin white rice noodles

Thai rice noodles
Thai rice noodles

Best ground beef with rice noodles

best ground beef with rice noodles
best ground beef with rice noodles

Enjoy your best ground beef with rice noodles!

  1. You easily cook the thin white rice noodles according to the package directions. The noodles should need just a few minutes in salted boiling water in order to cook very nicely.
  2. The cooked white thin rice noodles will then need to be drained. By the time the thin white rice noodles are cooked, drained, hot and ready to eat, then you can check on the ground beef that is probably nearing the end of its needed cooking time. Do not rush it though. Make sure that your ground beef is thoroughly cooked before consuming.
  3. Maybe if your stove has a “keep warm” setting, you might want to use it to keep your noodles warm while you are waiting for your ground beef to be ready.


For this best ground beef with rice noodles recipe, the fully cooked ground beef and fully cooked thin white rice noodles can be readily combined for serving up a very nice presentation of ground beef with rice noodles on a plate or in a bowl.

If you prefer to present some ground beef with rice noodles at the table in a way where everyone can help themselves, then you can take are third pot or frying pan where you combine a large portion of ground beef and rice noodles so that everyone can dig in. This way, if room at the table is limited, at least you do not have to take the original two separate pots (one pot for the ground beef and one pot for the rice noodles) to the table.

Everyone will enjoy serving themselves with this delicious meal of ground beef with rice noodles. Enjoy your meal!

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    • Journey * profile imageAUTHOR

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 

      10 months ago from USA

      Hi Peachy, I buy beef that is already minced for this beef recipe. Thanks so much for posting your question.

    • peachpurple profile image


      11 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      do you prefer to buy pre minced beef or buy raw, mince yourself?


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