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Best Mexican in Fishers

Updated on May 18, 2012

Mexico City Grill in Fishers

Mexico City Grill in Fishers
Mexico City Grill in Fishers | Source
The sun greets you as you walk in!
The sun greets you as you walk in! | Source
The back of one of the booths shows the time and care that has been put into the experience.
The back of one of the booths shows the time and care that has been put into the experience. | Source
Colorful furnishings help make this a great place to eat!
Colorful furnishings help make this a great place to eat! | Source

Mexico City Grill is the best!

Fishers, Indiana is blessed with several good Mexican restaurants, five of which are within a fifteen minute drive of each other. Mexico City Grill, located at 11653 Fishers Station Drive in the Fishers Station shopping center, is the newest addition to the Fishers Mexican food scene. It opened in February of 2011, and is the best of the group in our family’s opinion. My wife and oldest son and I have enjoyed the food there quite a bit, both dine-in and carry-out.

When you walk in, you can see immediately that the owner, Americo Flores, has put a lot of money and effort into making his establishment both festive and eye-pleasing. The walls, as well as the table-tops and chairs, all have carvings and paintings depicting Mexico City, both from Aztec times and from what looks to my untrained eye like the mid-1800’s. Attractive, colorful pictures of Aztec priests in feathered headdress, caballeros and senoritas mix with scenes of the jungle, parrots, farmhouses and Aztec pyramids.

The food portions are more than generous, and are served by a friendly, helpful staff. Their tortilla chips (always served fresh and warm) are thin, crisp and delicious. We can never get enough of their fresh salsa, and though it's sometimes spicier than others it’s never too hot. Something we enjoy frequently is the guacamole, which my wife declares the best she’s ever had! Their hard-shell beef tacos are always good, their chicken burritos are a family favorite, and the mole sauce on their enchiladas has just the right touch of dark heat. Our son, a Spanish rice enthusiast, has great regard for theirs, and the family bean aficionado (me) loves their refried beans! They also have good steak sandwiches and french fries, for those who want something more north of the border. There is also more unusual fare, including the Pulquero Chicken Burrito, a top family favorite. This tasty dish is a chicken burrito filled up with tender grilled chicken, grilled onion, mushrooms and spinach and comes topped with queso dip and a tangy salsa verde, with lettuce, sour cream and pico de gallo on the side. It's mouth-watering good!

Although the restaurant is in a shopping center at the intersection of 116th and Allisonville Road, it’s a little hard to see from the street. It's worth the trip, though, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The place is cheerful, with good food and most dishes are under $10. Check it out, I bet you’ll be a repeat customer!

What's your favorite Mexican food?

What is your favorite Mexican food restaurant?

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    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 5 years ago

      I'm not around Fishers; I live in another part of Indy. But you mentioned guacamole, so I love the hub! haha. Really, thanks for the recommendation of a good Mexican restaurant; if we're ever in Fishers we may try that one! Hubby and I go to a Mexican restaurant every once in a while. I'm more of a vegetarian (not totally) so I usually get a veggie plate, and boy do they give ya a lot to eat! Love it!

      Welcome to HubPages.

      Voted your hub UP, useful, and beautiful.

    • Chris Neal profile image

      Chris Neal 5 years ago from Fishers, IN

      Thank you very much!

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