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Best Organic and Natural Tea Brands For Self-Steeped Tea

Updated on November 27, 2015
Stack of teas in my pantry
Stack of teas in my pantry | Source

Tea is a healthy drink to have to make you feel better when you are sick or to just keep you healthy in general. It is also a wonderful alternative to those who don’t particularly like coffee. Not all tea blends and or bags to steep with are created equal. Some do contain chemicals from when the plant was grown to prevent pests and/or GMO’s (or genetically modified organisms).

Then there are tea brands who make organic tea. The more organic and natural elements a tea bag or blend contains, the safer and healthier the tea is for the body. I, myself, don’t love coffee and prefer a cup of tea instead. In my own quest of working on my own health, I have tried many brands to seek out the healthiest ones, especially those with little or no chemicals and/or GMO’s.

Below is a list I’ve compiled on the top five best organic and natural tea brands for self-steeped tea, beginning with number five.

5.) Celestial Seasonings

To begin, number five on this list is the brand Celestial Seasonings. The brand began in 1959 and is located in Colorado. They have multiple different teas and tea blends, from green tea to other herbal tea, to wellness teas to even iced tea. Most of Celestial Seasonings tea includes natural ingredients with some teas now being completely organic. All of their teas, along with the packaging is completely sustainable. They have also just started partnering up with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for some teas that are exclusive in those stores. Their classic chamomile teas and tea blends and their antioxidant green tea are my favorites from them. With over 100 different teas and blends, I’m sure there is something for everyone!

4.) Republic of Tea

Next on this list is the brand, Republic of Tea at number four. They are all organic, and have teas from typical herbal teas to the blends of the active teas; to detox teas. Some of the teas are also completely non-GMO, some are Fair Trade, and some of them are even Kosher. The only teas I’ve tried by them is the active teas of get Restored (for muscle recovery) and Limber (for flexibility), which the active teas are for people who workout and are active. They have other active teas besides those. I enjoy having a cup of the recovery after a run or after yoga, and a cup of the limber before yoga. With the wide variety of teas and tea blends the Republic of Tea has available, and no matter your preference, they have teas for everyone!

3.) Allegro

Up next, at number three on this list, is the brand, Allegro tea. Allegro tea is completely organic and Fair Trade. Allegro tea is owned by Allegro Coffee company, which was acquired by Whole Foods Market. The only tea I’ve tried by them is their Splendid Oolong tea, which in my opinion the best bagged and delicious Oolong tea I could find. They have many other teas available and you’re welcome to try them, but their Oolong tea is definitely worth a try.

2.) Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals is next on this list at number two, and also my personal top two favorite. They are completely Non-GMO certified, where also some of their teas are Fair trade and most are completely organic as well. Traditional Medicinals has teas from herbal to green, to detox, and from seasonal wellness teas to even women’s teas. My favorite teas and to me the best ones are the seasonal wellness teas, which include teas for a sore throat, cold/flu symptoms and respiratory health, and the women tea for a Healthy Cycle. Whenever I feel or I am sick, I just brew a couple cups the seasonal wellness teas, and I feel better rather very quickly. I always recommend this brand and my favorite type of teas by them for my friends when they are sick, and it always helps them to be better quick, too.

1.) Yogi Tea

Lastly, coming in at number one, at the top, is one of my personal (in the top two) favorite brands, Yogi Tea. Yogi Tea’s tea is completely organic and non-GMO. They also have a wonderful range of different types of teas to choose from. They have green tea to herbal tea to wellness tea. Yogi Tea began in 1969, when Yogi Bhajan gave his yoga students in the West freshly brewed herbal tea before practice. My favorite teas by them is vast, and includes many of their green teas, detox, and herbal teas. I also love their sleep bedtime tea. As a yogini myself, I suppose I feel a fellowship because the tea blends were first created by yogis. Another reason is the tea blends, no matter what it is, always make me feel good and healthy. With the wide range of teas available, whether or not you are a yogi yourself, I believe this tea brand really marks the spot as one of the best, and you can find at least one tea to enjoy.

When it comes to health and choosing the best and right tea brand, it is difficult to find the healthiest brands, but you could never go wrong with any of the ones mentioned above. They have huge variety of teas available and the best part is that these are mostly or all organic and natural. There is no worry as to GMOs and chemicals because they are all certified green.

However, there is one more tea I haven’t mention on the list above because it is not by an exclusive tea brand (or beverage brand, by that matter), but here it as a bonus to the list. This tea is a Detox tea, which is a good and natural detox tea by Arbonne. It is another choice for a good natural detox tea by a green company.

If you have tried any of them, that is great and I would love to hear your opinion below, either in the poll and/or the comments. If you have not tried any of these brands for tea, I recommend you do give them a chance! You may just discover a new favorite tea brand to sip a cup of and enjoy.

Which Organic and Natural Tea Brand that you have tried is your favorite?

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© 2015 Alyssa Scheidemann


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