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Best Pizza In Glendale Arizona

Updated on January 4, 2011

Luna's Pizza In Glendale AZ

 I've lived in Arizona since 1999 and I'm originally from New York..I've tried to find pizza here in AZ that tasted like pizza from my home state and couldn't find anything that even came close to it until May of 2010.

I've found a pizza restaurant in Glendale Arizona that is family owned, they have great food,friendly staff that treat you like family and respect you and the atmosphere of the establishment is very pleasing.The prices on there menu are affordable and there food and service is absolutely worth it. If you ever find yourself in Glendale AZ or happen to live in the area or surrounding cities this is a do not miss Italian Eatery. The restaurant is located at 7800 N.55th Ave Suite 108 Glendale AZ. 623-934-2122 You can also check them out online at

We visit the restaurantanywhere from once to twice a week, we are always greeted with a smile and a warm welcoming.. As a customer if your looking for a restaurant that has respect and doesn't forget a continuing customers face then this is the restaurant for you.


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