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Best Places to Eat in Atlanta Airport

Updated on August 12, 2017
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I'm a writer and, I must confess, hypochondriac, who loves to write about anything medically related. I also love to travel.

If you have a layover at Hartsfield-Jackson airport, you may be wondering what are the best placed to eat in Atlanta's airport. Well, let's rephrase that, if you have a layover in Atlanta, you don't want to miss out and take advantage of going on a culinary adventure. Because at Hartsfield-Jackson airport, there are so many great places to eat and savor some good old Southern cuisine!

Atlanta is home to comfort foods and a mix of high-end restaurants, ethnic restaurants and traditional Southern eateries. At Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport you will be embraced by a melting pot of eating spots and your only dilemma will be: where shall I eat? Following are some suggestions to help you decide, but you might have to come back here several times to get to enjoy all of these places with gusto.

One Flew South, Concourse E

This is perhaps the restaurant that ranks the highest among travelers hopping from one plane to another and enjoying the time in between tasting savory foods. Let's say it upfront, this is an upscale dining establishment.

Here you will find dishes made with premium ingredients stemming from regional farmers with some intriguing mixture of flavors. While the prices are a bit high, after all food is fairly expensive in airports, so why not get the value for the money and enjoy some fine dining in an upscale athmosphere? If time permits (there is usually a wait), it's a good idea to give this place a try. This place has won several culinary accolades through the years.

Travelers rave about the tuna sushi, the pork belly sliders, the arugula and chickpeas salad. the pulled duck sandwich, the Concourse ā€œeā€ Burger and the OFS Dirty South sandwich which consists of an open-face meatloaf sandwich with pimento cheese, spinach, bacon, BBQ sauce and fried egg.

For those who want to have an idea of what food is served along with the prices, here is the One Flew South menu. Please note: this menu is from a while back and prices may have changed.

Curious fact: the Chinese writing you find on the sushi menu was crafted by a gentlemen named Gengo of the Soto Zen Buddism School in North America -From left to right the wirting reads: ichi-nan-shu: Ichi meaning (One) Nan meaning (South) and Shu meaning (Flew).

Five Guys Burger with loads of fries!
Five Guys Burger with loads of fries!
My receipt: about $12 for a burger, small fries and bottle of water.
My receipt: about $12 for a burger, small fries and bottle of water.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Concourse C

Make sure you have room for these burgers and fries: the portions are quite generous. First off, any regular burger is a double, yup, that's right, by default you get 2 burgers unless you specifically ask for a single.

Then, the portions of fries are plentiful, especially if you ask for medium or large. A small portion of fries can easily make happy almost two people. In the picture, you can see the "small" portion of fries I ordered.

These are the greasy, old fashioned good burgers of the old time, so get your napkins ready unless you wish to use your sleeves. Hold on to the wrapper so that burger won't fall apart.

Make sure you are not in rush to hop on a plane as service can be a bit slow when they are swamped with customers which they usually are. It's also made fresh from scratch so it might take some time. There was no seating last time I was there. I took my order to concourse D to enjoy it in the dining area with plenty of seating.

There is also a veggie burger for those vegetarians out there. To order just pick your burger and what toppings you want. The toppings are at the end of the hall. Don't forget to grab some salt for your fries! And don't forget to get your drink! They didn't put it in the bag last time and I only noticed once I sat down to dine in another concourse and was too lazy to go back. Apparently I was supposed to grab it myself.

Here is a sample of the Five Guys Burger menu.

Curious fact: they have several potato bags stacked in the back just behind the registers and also list the source of the potatoes.

Grind House Killer Burgers Concourse D

Get your napkins ready: the food can be quite greasy here, but very tasty. Among the favorites of many travelers are the Yankee Style burger with mixed greens , grilled onions, applewood bacon and blue cheese, Cowboy style with BBQ sauce vidalia onion ring, applewood bacon and cheddar cheese and Grindhouse burger with american cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, pickles and grindhouse sauce. You can also have burger custom-made just for you.

Among side dishes some favorites are crinkle cut french fries, sweet potato fries, vidalia onion rings, fried green tomatoes and "frings' which is a mix of onion rings and fries.

This location also has a bar and offers draft beer. Here is a sample of the Grind house Killer Burger Menu.

Vegetarians can enjoy a veggie burger made of beans and quinoa. Please note this is a good place if you are not in a hurry,it may take some time to get your order ready when it's crowded. There may be limited seating on busy days.

Curious fact: In just its first year in business, Grindhouse Killer Burgers received several "Best in Atlanta" awards from local publications.

Piece of Cake Concourse A

If you have a sweet tooth, you have to stop at this place. Just think that many people travel to Atlanta just to get to enjoy their cakes and cupcakes. What's so special about the cakes? They are moist, beautifully designed and boast a delicious butter cream icing.

Travelers rave particularly about this place's white chocolate, caramel, key lime and red velvet slices of cake. Among the cupcakes, favorites are yellow cake with chocolate frosting, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, oreo with cream cheese frosting, coconut and birthday cake.

On top of cakes, Piece of Cake also sells cheese straws, pecans, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Branbury tart cookies and lemon shortbread cookies.

If you weren't fortunate enough to be able to stop here, no worries! You can now mail order some goodies for your personal delight. Here is the website to order some tasty cake: Piece of Cake order online.

Curious fact: Piece of Cake has been baking cakes from scratch since 1985.


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