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Best Portable Gas Grills

Updated on August 9, 2014

Portable Gas Grills

Small, portable grills are perfect if you tailgate, camp or even enjoy grilling on the beach. They're easy to pack in the car with your 1-gallon propane tank and cooler of burgers and hotdogs.

When shopping for a portable grill, you'll find that there are many options, and they're not like the old George Foreman you used to have. The newer portable grills have many options, sizes and styles.

Just about every manufacturer that sells grills offers a portable version, but that doesn't mean that every manufacture has perfected their small grills.

To avoid spending money on a crap portable grill, check out the following three grills. I've used and love these tabletop grills. Personally, I'm a Char-Broil fan, so you'll find two Char-Broil portable grills make my best list.

Char-Broil X200 Portable Grill

I've personally used this grill, and it's awesome. This portable grill has a modern look and feel to it, but don't get confused about the grease tray. Most grease trays tend to face the back, but this one slides in from the front.

The main problem with the X200 grill is that it gets HOT! The best way to cook with this grill is to leave the lid open. Even on the lowest setting, the grill gets really hot.

This grill features infrared cooking system so that you achieve even heat and use less propane.

The grill grate is about 200 square inches, which is enough room for two ears of corn and two chicken breasts. You can probably grill eight hamburgers on it at one time.

Char-Broil Portable Patio Bistro

This is another grill that I've tried out. My dad has one and LOVES it. The portable gas Patio Bistro grill uses infrared cooking so that the heat is distributed evenly for juicy food.

If you have an older Patio Bistro make sure to call Char-Broil for a new ignition. There was a recall on the ignition, and if you don't replace it, you may experience a few problems. The ignition shuts off and when you push the button without lifting the lid to let the gas escape first, the grate can blow off. Newer Patio Bistros have been fixed.

The Patio Bistro has more cooking space with 245 square inches. The grates are stainless steel, so make sure to season them before you use them the first time.

Cuisinart Gourmet Portable Grill

This tabletop gas grill has a unique look. It's a bit smaller than the two Char-Broil portable grills, but it's still an awesome grill. There's only 145 square inches of cooking area, but you can still grill several hamburgers at once.

This portable grill doesn't take long to heat up nor cook your food. Because it is small, it's perfect to take on the go, whether you're taking the family to the park for a picnic or going tailgating with friends.

This portable grill doesn't use infrared heat, so you will experience flare-ups if you're grilling greasy food or heavily marinated food.

Weber Portable Grill

The Weber Q1000 portable grill is pretty neat looking. It's smaller than the two Char-Broil grills with only 189 square inches of cooking area, but that's still plenty for several hamburgers or steaks.

The porcelain coated cast iron grates are easy to clean, and as long as you don't crack the porcelain, they shouldn't rust.

The main concerns with the Weber portable gas grill is that the right-side handle is small and hard to actually use. Some users have experienced heating problems, but it could be caused by poor propane flow or a dirty/clogged burner.

If you're expecting the Q1000 to be a better version of the Q100, don't. This new version is not quite as sturdy or solid, but because it is a lightweight grill, it's still a good grill to take on the go.


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