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Best Scrambled Egg Recipe Ever

Updated on December 7, 2011

Best Scrambled Eggs Recipe Ever!

So I just got home from a pretty tiring night out and realized that I'm a bit hungry. I usually leave my laptop on when I'm outside the house to finish my... (I'm not really allowed to promote/mention the illegal acquisition of films or whatever so yeah you get the picture).

So I started watching 50/50 (I'm actually halfway through right now). Then I realized I got hungry. So I go downstairs and notice that the fastest thing I can prepare is eggs. Since the sky is conspiring against me and it's already blue I figured eggs would be perfect because it's breakfast time anyways.

So I look around the fridge and see tomatoes so took them and sliced them up into small portions. I figured it would be perfect for scrambled eggs. I'm not really an expert of culinary arts nor do I have formal training in this kind of thing so I Don't really consider myself an egg expert. I tried cooking poached eggs once but sort of failed. I don't even know the real difference between scrambled eggs or omelette so you can put the obvious semantic retorts and chatter aside because I don't care. Anyway, here's my best scrambled egg recipe ever:

This isn't the actual photo of the scrambled eggs I cooked. I'm lazy to take a photo and so I just found one randomly online.
This isn't the actual photo of the scrambled eggs I cooked. I'm lazy to take a photo and so I just found one randomly online.

Best Scrambled Eggs Recipe

After the tomatoes I knew I had to put cheese. Then I remembered the "extra sharp white cheddar cheese" I found in the fridge a few days ago. I put it in a sandwich and microwaved it. It melts easily but tastes like mozzarella only it's creamier and more milky. It tastes a lot like milk actually and I really like it. It also sort of has the consistency of mozzarella but not really. It's hard to explain. Again, I'm no cheese expert. All I can say is that it's really good.

And so I sliced it up and mixed it with 2 eggs and started beating the eggs. I added my sliced tomatoes. Put like 7 drops of Tabasco and 2 pinches of salt. I put oil on a pan, fried it up and scrambled it up and there it was. It was that easy.

Then I brought the finished product up to my room and was going to watch 50/50. I resumed playing the movie and took a bite and then... there it was! I realized it was the best scrambled eggs I've ever made in my life! And it's so simple. So I realized I should write about it right away and share this glorious epiphany to the world. Either way if no one cares about my recipe, I still earn money just by writing here in HubPages. So it's a win/win situation for me.

A while ago I watched 30 Seconds or Less, it's pretty funny. It has that guy from social network and Aziz form Parks and Recreation. Now I'm watching 50/50. It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt so girls will probably enjoy the film plus it has Seth Rogen so it's a bit entertaining. It's quite a sad story.

All my TV shows are out and most of them are resuming next year so I'm stuck with movies. Last night, I watched Midnight in Paris. Maybe I'll make movie reviews if I feel like it. For now, you're stuck with my scrambled eggs recipe. Hope I was somehow helpful. The sky is so bright now. I should continue with my movie and with eating my scrambled eggs so I can sleep.


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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 6 years ago from USA

      That does look really good. Eggs are a nice quick meal.

    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago

      You seem to have created a nice eggs recipe. :)