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Best Smoked Turkey And Where To Buy It... But Be Careful!

Updated on August 15, 2012

The Best Smoked Turkey Or Turkey Legs

If you are anything at all like me, you'll agree... it would be nice if the holiday turkey was the least of your worries. The stress of it all starts out like this...

– How many people are we feeding?
– Who's coming? Who's not coming?
– Who's bringing this or that?
– What grocery store has this...
– What store has that?
– And the the big one comes.....
– Where to buy the best turkey???!!!!!

Well, I found an excellent option that I think many of you will love! I like to buy smoked turkey or smoked turkey legs and have them shipped to my house. It eliminates numerous hassles and frees me up for other things.

A lot of people don't realize you can buy things like this (turkey, ham, etc.) and have it shipped to your house. BE CAREFUL THOUGH!!!

Take a look at the picture I included below. I'm not kidding, when I warmed the turkey that was shipped to me from my favorite little secret spot (notice I didn't say "cooked and hassled with the turkey"), it looked exactly like this. It was beautiful and the best tasting turkey I'd EVER eaten!!!

I don't just use this service for the holidays anymore, heck, I use it anytime our family gets together or if we have a business banquet.

For myself, I've found this to be very handy and convenient. Often, I use it as supplementary or standby! On top of that, you wanna talk a bout an awesome gift... try sending one of these things to a friend or family that lives far away, you'll never hear the end of it! THEY WILL LOVE IT.

I like to buy smoked turkey or smoked turkey legs (delicious) for several reasons...

1) No grocery store line. Yayyyyyyy!!!

2) It helps cut back kitchen prep that requires your full attention for a couple of days.

3) It gives you time to focus on other enjoying the people around you, and doting on whatever else makes you happy. That works for me!!!!

4) It's consistently delicious

5) I simply put it in the oven and let it warm while I dance around the house doing other things like enjoying my family

For me and my family, it's always "the season" to buy smoked turkey because it's healthier than fast food, it feeds many, and we can get several great meals out of it besides the main course. The leftovers make some of the best smoked turkey noodle soup you'll ever put in your mouth!!!!

My Lovely Turkey – Yummy!
My Lovely Turkey – Yummy!

My Favorite When It Comes To Buying Smoked Turkey Is Without A Doubt Hickory Smoked! It's Unreal Juicy!

One of THE BEST places I've found to buy smoked turkey had been right under my nose (and fingertips) for years. If you are looking where to buy the best turkey, this is the fastest, easiest, most reliable and tastiest – IN MY OPINION! They seriously know how to smoke some delicious turkey. They have tons of selections and recipes for smoked turkey too. My fave is the hickory smoked. For some reason, it just seems to be indescribably juicy. I'm serious! I don't know exactly what they do or how they do it but the meat is unreal juicy! You can check out this place I discovered to buy smoked turkey or turkey legs.

The holidays get pretty busy around our house. I say "eliminate the biggest cooking headache", buy smoked turkey or turkey legs, and have them shipped to you ready to warm and enjoy! It's a great way to give yourself a little peace of mind... and know for sure that the turkey is going to turn out "great"!

Hope this helps make your holidays and special dinners a little less stressful and a lot more yummy!


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