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Best Tasting Coffee Brands Comparison

Updated on February 25, 2014

Best Tasting Coffee Brands

Consumers spend thousands of dollars each year on high priced, purportedly better, coffee. But the price coffee of doesn't always reflect on the taste quality. Coffee is one of America's favorite beverages. Coffee connoisseors taste tested a variety of brand's. Find out how the favorites rated.

A variety of grocery store brands, and some coffee specialty shop brands, were chosen for testing. Pre-ground and whole bean coffees were both used for testing to compare overall taste when used in both forms.

The #1 best seller amongst coffee drinkers, Folger's, did not rate well in taste tests finishing near the bottom of the list of around forty different brands of supermarket coffee. Test Conclusion: has a charcoal flavor with a bit of an after taste.

Test Conclusions

Eight O'Clock's pre-ground coffee did not score as well as the whole bean Eight O'Clock coffee. Many coffees tested were found to be available in whole bean and pre-ground. Whole bean coffees generally seemed to come with a better rating when it comes to overall richness and flavor. Test Conclusion: very good taste.

Starbucks coffees come with mixed reviews. Test Conclusion: Starbucks Original Roast whole bean coffee was described by some as tasting smokey and chocolatey while others felt that it had a burnt flavor. Pre-ground versions Pre-ground versions of were described as having "the aroma of a forest fire".

A Hawaiian coffee, Kona, was the most expensive brand of coffee, yet ranked below average in the taste category. Test Conclusion: High priced, poor tasting.

Each individual has their own aquired taste for coffee. Top rated brands can be found at your local supermarkets at reasonable prices for your own coffee comparison.



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