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Best Tzatziki Sauce Recipe Step by Step Guide

Updated on May 30, 2011


3 cups of Greek yogurt (if you can't find any you can strain regular yogurt as instructed below)

2 medium cucumbers

1 tbsp fresh dill

3 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp salt and pepper

Tzatziki is probably the most classic sauce is Greek cuisine and there are many different versions of how it is prepared.  Being a huge fan of Greek cuisine I have tired different recipes and believe have come across this one recipe that is completely different from all the other ones I've tried in the pass.

The recipe is best made with Greek yogurt, if you can not find a Greek yogurt you can easily just strain any type of regular yogurt using a yogurt strainer.  If you do end up straining the yogurt, be sure to let it stand for at least an hour.

The next step is to peel the cucumber and using a spoon take all the seeds out of the cucumber. This is essential to the recipe because the seeds in the cucumber will just make the sauce watery. Once the cucumber is peeled and sliced you will want to put them into a strainer and add a little salt to release the rest of the water content in the cucumbers, this will probably take 30 minutes or so.

Next you want to combine the cucumber, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper into a food processor until the cucumber is finely chopped. Stir in the cucumber mixture to the yogurt. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to allow the favors to mix into the yogurt.

You can also get a little creative and add a few leaves of fresh mint when you are adding the ingredients to the food processor.


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