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Best and Strongest energy drink on the market ( redline redbull and 5 hour )

Updated on November 4, 2012

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a key part to most people like myself, daily life. Whether it be that morning rush, the pick me up halfway through the day, or usually for me, the college all nighter to study for class or finals. So that comes to the question, Which energy drink is best? Well i will go through what i believe are the best energy drinks and why i think they are the best.


I will start off with which i think is the absolute best and work my way down from there.

1 - Redline Xtreme. Redline is BY FAR the most powerful energy drink on the market. It provides a kick which is unlike any other thing.( and it doesn't taste like garbage) Taking so much caffeine and energy drinks eventually your body becomes immune like mine has to most energy drinks/shots. But Redline over and over continues to drive that kick to get me through the day with no problem at all. And as i said before it does not taste that bad either. Typically energy drinks do not taste that great but the redline bottles actually come in enough flavors that everyone should be able to find something that they like..


2 - For me #2, has to be Redbull. Redbull is one of the original energy drink companies out there and has come out with a number of products in different size cans. Although i can say that you should either buy the energy shot, or you should go ahead and buy the small size can. Any size bigger than the small you are paying for the taste not the kick. Redbull is a taste once you acquire and can stomach then you should like the rest of their products and stick with. And there energy shots really do work great. I usually will stock up on there energy shots if i can find them somewhere because they work well and taste good.

5 hour energy

My last favorite energy drink is 5 hour energy. For me more specifically the extra strength one. They work well, are only found in an energy shot. They have multiple flavors but in all they do not taste good, but for 1 shot i can manage. It is worth noting that 5 hour energy is one of the most advertised energy shots, and is supposed to be the best, and may be stronger than Redbull but is in NO WAY stronger than Redline.

So there you have it.. MY top three choices for energy drinks. Each one of these is sure to pack a kick enough to keep you awake. Here's my reasoning for not choosing some of the other big brands. The brand monster energy drinks, packs way to much of a drink. It is very effective and packs a lot of kick but to drink a big drink like a monster is a lot. I have tried the stacker energy shots, and personally they are similar kick to Redbull shot but taste like garbage. At this point if it is a shot i don't care what it taste like but for a drink to really give you power and really keep you awake, once again Redline is the way to go. Nothing is like it.


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