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Best Digital Kitchen Scales 2014

Updated on October 7, 2014

Now that you are reading this review, you should already know why you need to buy the best digital kitchen scale. Keeping up with recipes that require spot-on amounts of ingredients is a challenge when you are depending on the conventional measuring tools such as the spoon or the glass as there is no guaranteed way to know if these utensils truly reflect the amounts demanded by the recipe you are using. This is one reason the use of kitchen scales is becoming a more popular practice every passing day.

With the best food scale at your disposal, you can put away the sloppy utensils.
With the best food scale at your disposal, you can put away the sloppy utensils. | Source

An accurate kitchen scale will also be a handy addition to the inventory of anyone interested in weight loss or bodybuilding. If you are serious about staying in shape, you need to keep track of your nutrients and a good kitchen scale is an invaluable means to this end.

With countless food scale models made available by various brands, it may take time to decide which specific scale will best answer your needs. To help you in your search, I have listed some of the best digital kitchen scales in this review and attempted to give an unbiased account of their advantages and disadvantages. The final decision is yours to make.

How to Choose the Best Digital Kitchen Scale

Whether you are going to employ it for home or professional use, the most important feature you need to look for in a kitchen scale is accuracy. A scale will be of use to you only if it can reflect the weight of food placed on it correctly. Next, you should make sure the standard features are present, namely tare and auto-turn-off functions. Fortunately, all scales in this review have these two features. Also, the scale should be small enough not to fill your kitchen countertop but large enough to allow you to place big stuff on it. Some people pay attention to battery type so if you think you are going to have problem acquiring replacement batteries, you may want to prefer a scale using AAA batteries that are easy to get in any store. Finally, if you plan to use your kitchen cale primarily for keeping track of your macronutrient to achieve a fitness goal, you should consider the nutritional food scales that have built-in functions to calculate the calories in your food.

New White 10lb X 0.04oz Digital Kitchen Scale

This one is definitely not the best kitchen scale you will find out there but its incredibly low price makes it one of the most popular models. There are more than one company trying to sell this item and most will charge you for about the same very low amount, which is in fact comparable to zero.

This kitchen scale has dimensions of 18 cm to 15 cm and a height of 4 cm. It gives readings in grams, lbs and oz and uses regular AAA batteries. It is supposed to weight up to 5 kg in increments of 1 g but in reality it is not that accurate.

The accuracy of the scale is questionable. Multiple scales of this type scaling the same item at the same time are reported to give different weight readings. Other complaints include the scale not reacting at all when some more food is added to the amount on the scale. There is even a remark written in large font under the scale that says not legal for trade, which is really a confession that the measurements of this scale are not to be taken seriously.

Overall, the scale gives every sign of being of low quality. It is apparently made of cheap material, even the labels on the buttons easily coming off. And reportedly, some scales of this type have the UNIT label on one of the buttons spelled as UINT, which is very funny.

Then, again one has to remember that there are many people who prefer this kitchen scale although it does not seem to be enough to make it the best seller. In addition, the fact that it is the cheapest kitchen scale you will ever encounter makes the idea of purchasing this item plausible. Still, the best advice is to take a look at the better models below before you make your final decision.

EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale is by far the best selling kitchen scale and it is also one that gets excellent reviews from customers. To explain the popularity of EatSmart Scale in a few words, it is apt to say that this is a highly accurate scale with all the required features at a reasonable price.

EatSmart Kitchen Scale satisifies the basic standards a digital kitchen scale should have. It weights up to 11lb or 5 kg in graduation of 0.05 oz or 1g. It can give readings in grams, lbs, ounces and kg. The kg reading actually seems unnecessary as long as you have the gram. It is there anyway. Finally it uses AAA batteries, which are cheap and easy to replace. The item is quite small with a width of 8 to 6 inches and small, round platform of 2 inches height. It has tare and auto turn-off functions. All of these are features you should expect at this price range.

This item comes with a free calorie factor booklet, which is a nice extra.

The scale is distinguished from the rest because of it is the most accurate kitchen scale at this price range and product size. EatSmart Scales tried by customers with known weights such as US nickels pass the test perfectly. This scale is highly precise and it does react to the smallest weight change.

What makes EatSmart a great company to buy a digital scale from, is the great customer service. They offer what is called Guaranteed Product Satisfation. What this means in practice is that if you are in any way not satisfied with what you get as a scale they do everything to help including an immediate shipment of a new scale that replaces your broken one. Just call the company for any issue, there is a good chance that you will be talking directly to the manager, who will answer your questions kindly, Friendly treatment of customer scoupled with the unwavering accuracy of the products gives you enough reason to prefer EatSmart. The company also produces some of the best digital bathroom scales.

There are several color options. The most popular is silver, My favorite is red.

EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale

This model boasts all the nice features its above Precision-Pro sister does including accuracy and pleasant customer service. And it has some extras that make this an even better digital kitchen scale.

First, Precision Elite has a wider, rectangular platform that is a great facility if you are planning to weight large pieces of food. Its maximum scaling capacity is also higher: 15 lbs. And it still reads every gram. In addition, EatSmart Elite Scale is only 1 inch in height, which means it can be stored on its side easily. Its more durable design with the stainless steel platform and the backlit display screen that gives much facility in reading the weight are other pluses that add to the quality of this digital kitchen scale.

EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale costs more than the EatSmart Precision Pro and actually sells less when compared to it. Both are very good choices and I recommend either of them.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

This is also one of the best selling scales, apparently catering to people who want something that looks nicer than the rest.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale features a weighing capacity of 5250 grams in one gram increments, ability to give readings in lbs, oz, kg and g, tare and auto turn-off functions. All of these are standard characteristics you see in most kitchen scales. Ozeri Touch is distinguished with its design.

The horizontal dimensions of Ozeri scale are 6 to 9 inches, which is large enough to put stuff on it for the measuring and small enough to fit anywhere in your kitchen. Plus, the height of the scale is a mere 0.6 inches, which is a great facility when using or storing the scale. The scale looks sleek and smart and keeping it in your kitchen will surely make it a more handsome kitchen but reportedly the surface of the scale is easily scratched so be careful if scratches are going to be a big problem for you.

The accuracy of the scale is second only to EatSmarts scale. Most customers endorse this one a precise tool for weighing food while a few complain about occasional inaccuracy. The scale uses lithium batteries, which are expensive instead of the cheaper AAA batteries. Some people think this is a big problem.

Ozeri Professional Kitchen Scale has an auto turn-off feature that switches the scale off after one minute to save energy. One minute is quite a small interval, much shorter than the three or four minute auto-turn-offs you see in other kitchen scales. Some like this for it saves energy while others complain it turns off when you are in the middle of something. There are also complaints that the buttons are not sensitive enough and you may have a hard time turning on this thing when your fingers are wet. In return, the touch sensitive buttons and platform can be an asset if you spill stuff over the scale because food will not get between the parts of the scale.

On the whole, Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is one of the best kitchen scales in the market but it has some issues that puts it behind EatSmart scales. It is not a bad option at all, but the cheaper and better selling EatSmart Precision Pro is likely to serve you better. If you desire to have a scale that is wider and thinner like this one, I suggest you go for the EatSmart Precision Elite reviewed above. That being said, many people end up happy with this scale and that is why it is on the best seller list.

Finesseur Kitchen Scale

This is the scale I would buy if I was looking for something in the slim genre.

Finesseur is a new brand trying to establish itself in kitchenware market with competitive service. It has a single model that it depends on and to compete with the more established brands it has to provide a perfect scaling experience to its customers. That is reflected in the performance of the kitchen scale at hand. Finesseur is one of the best rated food scales ever. All point out to the precision, speed, ease of use and nice design of the product. The few complaints that exist are about the one minute auto turn-off. If the short turn-off time is not going to be an issue for you, this scale is a perfect choice.

The basic features of the Finesseur Kitchen Scale is what you see in most digital kitchen scales. 11 lbs capacity in increments of 1 gram, readings in kg, gr, lbs and oz and tare features are present. It uses lithium batteries and has dimensions of 6 to 9 inches in width. The height is a mere 0.6 inches making this scale suitible for storing on its side.

Finesseur Kitchen Scale stands out not only with its accuracy but also with its quick response to changing weights. Finesseur scale has 4 fast FinXact weight sensors that allows it to give an accurate reading of the food in the shortest time. The size and the look of the scale is almost perfect so it will make your kitchen look smart in your kitchen while helping you cook better. Finally, touch sensitive buttons are really sensitive ensuring that you will not have any difficulty when using this scale. The company guarantees a full refund within one year if you are not in anyway satisfied with their product.

All in all, if you are into sleek design and touch sensitive stuff, Finesseur Kitchen Scale is a decent choice. Its handsome looks and high customer satisfaction rate as seen in the customer reviews make Finesseur scale especially suitable as a gift for people who are into cooking. I should also add the scale's price was almost halved in the first few months of 2014 so the current price is very good.

EatSmart™ Nutrition Pro Scale

This is one of the two good nutrition scales in the market that could be of special interest for people who want to keep their calories under control.

Running on four AAA batteries, EatSmartâ„¢ Nutrition Pro Scale weighs food to the nearest whole gram or 0.1 ounce and its maximum capacity is 11 lbs. It has tare and a nice, 3-minute auto turn-off. What makes it different from what we've seen so far is the ability to compute the calories and nutrients of the food. To do that, you need to enter one of the thousand food codes found in the manual and the scale will show the nutrients based on the values stored in its database. You can also create about a hundred custom foods. To make things even better, Nutrition Pro Scale allows you to calculate the nutrition content of a whole meal by adding one ingredient after another on the plate. For instance, you can first put some meat on the scale, input the code and get the nutrient reading and then add some rice, input the code for rice and get the total nutrients of meat and rice. You can keep adding different kinds of food and find out what nutrients you will be getting from your entire meal without the need to make the calculations yourself.

Everything looks perfect with EatSmartâ„¢ Nutrition Pro so perhaps, you want to know why I didn't plaster that green "Recommended" label under this one. The reason is EatSmart Nutrition Scale is a bit too complicated and perhaps unhandy.

Firstly, the display is quite small because there are two separate control panels with lots of buttons that leave little room for the digital screen. Now, one could argue that the buttons are there for a reason but the Kitrics scale reviewed below has all the features found in this one and does it with fewer buttons. As for the display, it shows only three nutrients at a time, so you have to push a button to see the next three and so on. The nutrients it shows, are a bit odd, too. For instance, although some people do try to keep their sodium intake in check, very few are interested in magnesium, potassium and vitamin K. While these three are redundant in most cases, many diaters would be interested in knowing the sugar content, which is missing. Moreover, you have to cycle through three different screens to see the primary nutrients: carbs, fats and protein. It would have been much more convenient to display these in one screen because people want to see these three the most.

This scale could also be somewhat awkward to clean. There is quite a cavity underneath the tray and while it does look very sleek, you will probably have a hard time wiping it. The glass tray is not removable and the manual advises you not to pick the unit by the tray so you will have to take care not to tweak with the apparently fragile platform when cleaning.

All in all, it would not be fair to call EatSmart Nutrition Scale a bad choice and to the contrary, I do believe it is a great scale and you would probably end up very happy, as do most people who get it. After all, EatSmart is known to make some of the best scales. Yet, this one has these details that make me just slightly uncomfortable and that's why I believe the next scale is a better choice for a nutrition food scale.

Kitrics Nutrition Label Scale

Similar to the EatSmart Nutrition Scale reviewed above, Kitrics Nutirion Scale can calculate and tell you the nutritional content of the food based on an internal database of a thousand food items as well as a hundred custom foods.

Although we don't know the exact timing of Kitrics scale's auto turn-off feature, the manual says it takes several minutes for the scale to turn itself off and customer reviews verify that it is long enough not to interrupt you.

Kitrics food scale has a more roomy design than EatSmart Nutrition Pro and does it without compromising compactness. The display screen has a decent size and the control panel is plain and simple with palpable buttons. The nutrients are displayed in a nutrition facts box you are familiar with and you get to see it all at once without he need to switch between screens. The data you get is exactly what you need with all the key nutrients and nothing fancy like magnesium or Vitamin K.

The maintenance of the scale is easy. It surface has no notches where the food could get it. An older model of this scale had a plastic platdorm that could not be removed and customers were less than content with it. Fortunately, the new Kitrics scale comes with a removable and washable stainless steel top. As for the batteries, it need two AA, which are too easy to replace.

All in all, Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale offers a somewhat smoother user experience than its main competitor, the EatSmart Nutrition Pro. That combined with the lower price, makes Kitrics the best food scale for bodybuilding or weight loss although I have to add that EatSmart is also a first-class choice.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

Bringing together accurate scaling ability with a plethora of user-friendly features, OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display deserves to be named the best kitchen scale available.

First, the best thing about this scale: It has a pull-out display panel as you can see in the picture. This feature completely eliminates the visibility problem you come across when you place some large bowl on the scale. And it does that without making the scale any larger.

The scale turns off the display if left idle for six minutes. That would be more than enough to let you prepare and add the ingreidents into the bowl without worrying about the scale turning off but OXO food scale goes beyond that by storing your data for up to half an hour. This scale will never let you down in the middle of something.

Wiping is enough to keep a kitchen scale clean most of time but I am sure many wish it could be rinsed. Well, OXO has thought about that, too and you can actually remove the upper cover of this scale and wash it.

Other things I like about the scale are the plastic covered push buttons, the AAA batteries and the optional backlit display. I cannot find a flaw about this scale.

OXO scale is a bit bulkier than other scales you see on this page. It is 11 to 8 inches and the height is 2 inches. Yet, given its various advantages, I do not think the size is an issue. Moreover, I have not come across any complaints about the size. In fact, there is only a handful of people who did not end up happy with an OXO food scale.

This is certainly an item that was designed by people who know the issues you can face when dealing with a kitchen scale. While an EatSmart will do the job at a lower cost, OXO will give you a perfect cooking experience. If you want to enjoy a premium scale or if you are buying a gift for someone who is into cooking, OXO is the perfect choice.

There are two OXO scales. One measures up to 11 lbs and the other up to 22 lbs. I believe 11 lbs should be quite enough for most chefs.


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