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Best Christmas cake and cookie decorations

Updated on May 4, 2011

Magical edible glitters and dustings add magic to your Christmas table

Special features for special cakes

When it comes to making a great cake, appearance is the first aspect that counts. While I have tasted great cakes that really did not look much attractive, I must admit that cakes that look good are really those that make your mouth water.

It could be the way the icing sits on top of the cake or the luscious creamy appearance of chocolate, but the best way to a person's stomach is through the eyes. Visual appearance of a cake is what makes cakes and cupcakes unique.

Just think about the perfect cake. It will be visually attractive to your eyes and heavenly tasting to your taste buds. These are those cakes that are hard to forget, they make an impact in your mind and years later, you may still recall, how beautiful they were and how great they tasted.

If you are striving to make an impact on your guests this Christmas, impress them with a maginificant cake or impressive cookies. There are many special features when it comes to decorating a cake or cookies that many people are not aware of, and if you use these special products, you will get "wows" guaranteed, if not, requests about where and how you got all those unusual supplies.

As a child, we used to use Dragees on our cakes. These were silver small tiny sugary balls that looked great on our cakes. Not many people ever heard of dragees but they look like small balls of mercury. They are edible and even tasty.

Did you ever think of decorating your cake with a dust of gold or silver? It is possible today and the dusts are edible as well. How about a magic touch of snowflakes on a Christmas cake? Or a dust of gold on your gingerbread house?

Decorating cakes is the best part of preparing a cake, nothing beats hearing the surprised commotion from your guests as you place your piece of art on your Christmas dining room table.

Don't forget Christmas themed sprinkles!


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