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The modus operandi of thieves tacos pictures

Updated on February 6, 2016

Ingredients that you need to work tacos Thieves:

Tomato sauce tray (homemade better).

Add onion flakes.




Action steps tacos Thieves Pictures:

Pour tomato sauce in a cup / bowl.

Add the pepper flakes.

Add a little salt.

Put a little pepper and garlic.

Mixing ingredients well together.

Now it is ready for submission.

Tips: Do not add a lot of ingredients. Even the meal does not become too much vitriolic must moderation in quantities.

Things you will need:

Glass .

Hanging mixing.

Benefits of tacos:

You can do health Baltako and it depends on components that are being developed and the quantities used. To work tacos home. And you can wrap tacos in Altoritla chips with the development of other healthy ingredients to achieve a good balance and health of protein and carbohydrates and a large amount of fiber and vitamin C, calcium and iron.

Tacos home health:

Use taco chips made from corn is preferred to ensure access to its nutritional value, it does not contain any trans fats or ingredients such as hydrogenated oils and contains healthy fats. And when you add the beef to the tacos you can get the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, and vitamin a and vitamin c, and composite CLA to resist cancer. And when you add the avocado tacos to get fat unsaturated health unilateralism. Whereas when you add sliced ​​lettuce and diced tomatoes body extends in vitamins and fiber, and when you add cheese to provide the body with calcium needed to build muscle and bone.

Calories and nutrients found in tacos:

When eating tacos made with flour Altoritla about 1 ounce of ground beef, onion, red pepper, spices, sliced ​​avocado, sliced ​​tomato, a little lettuce, 2 large sauce, 1 tbsp hanging from cheddar cheese grated, provide the body with about 138 calories and approximately 11.9 grams of fat, which provides 53% of calories, 14.6 grams carbohydrates, 9.3 grams of protein and about 19% of mono unsaturated fats and thus will get a high nutritional value when you eat this meal.

Tacos gluten-free:

When dealing with a local tacos made of corn flour is a healthy choice of gluten-free meal for those who suffer from digestive diseases and they have a wheat allergy. And a lot of Americans did suffer from digestive diseases, according to the University of Maryland report in the College of Medicine, they must choose the food items very carefully, especially gluten free are the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergic food. And stay away from canned products and trying to eat products fresh to keep the body healthy.

Other benefits of the ingredients in tacos:

Onion powder and garlic added to the mix:

These elements can help reduce blood cholesterol and protect the body of heart disease. And calcium and potassium found in onion powder works building bones and strengthened. While garlic is working to increase the body's immunity against common infections and protection against colds.

And spices generally operate activate and boost the immune system healthy and help solve the problems of the digestive tract.


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