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Big Pizza - New York Style and Others

Updated on March 14, 2010

Since the beginning of the 20th century pizza has been a very important part of our every day meal, but do you know where does it come from, and what are the most common variations?

Pizza comes from Italy and it's traditionally made with strong flour, similar to the type used in bread, tomato sauce, sliced mozzarella, extra virgin olive and basil. It has since taken all the possible sizes and shapes, but the original pizza neapolitan is the base of almost all of them.

It is made in a really hot stone oven heated by oak-wood fire and the pizza is put in for about a minute only. The oven is so hot that the dough gets crusty but the toppings don't dry out and stay nice and juicy.

The lazio style pizza(Rome) is one of two dominant versions. The pizza rustica is baked in electric oven in big rectangular pizza pans and are cut and sold by the weight mainly for take away customers. Pizza restaurants, pizzerias, still sell the circular shape, thinner dough variation.

Big Pizza photo by Foodies
Big Pizza photo by Foodies

As the signature dish of the 20th century pizza has lived to see many variations appearing all over the world. Virtually any topping can be used and there are various ways of preparing it as well. Most commonly mentioned international variations are the Chicago-deep pan and New York style. The Chicago pizza is baked in a pan and is usually eaten with cutlery instead of bare fingers.

New York pizza is made with the local tap water and is rumored to get its flavor from the minerals found in it. It's made in big 18" sizes and a serving is one slice of this diameter. There are entrepreneurs who make New York pizza in the US and bring the tap water straight from New York for added authenticity.

A family, or large pizza is a 12 to 18 inches pizza and it's usually cut into 8 pieces and either sold separately or bought by at least 2-3 people. An adult can comfortably eat a normal(8-12") pizza for a meal.

There are concerns about the health issue pizza takes part in, but it's not the pizza itself that causes the problems. Too much salt can lead to heart diseases and fat in cheese and other ingredients can lead to obesity, a risk factor in cancer on its own, but studies show that those who eat at least a slice of pizza every week are less likely to be attacked by cancer.

Pizzerias have been a place to eat out for the last few decades and pizzas are now internationally known everywhere, but we all should take a second before ordering one on phone where it all came from.

Photo used is taken by Foodies 


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    • cbarr81 profile image

      cbarr81 7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Esmein, great hub page - looks delicious! NY pizza is so good I think we could all use a slice!

      Please review my page about restaurant marketing and let me know your thoughts! Thanks