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Birthday Cake Toppers ~ Which Type is Right for Your Cake

Updated on July 8, 2011

Birthday Cake Toppers ~ What to Think About

 Regardless of whether it's great aunt Ethel's 90th birthday, or your child's 1st birthday, you want to do your best to give them a cake to remember ~ and a great birthday cake topper can do that.

Cake toppers do not have to be expensive, in fact they can be a very cost effective way of personalising a birthday cake ~ the key is to pick a theme which will mean something special to the recipient.

There are a huge range of cake toppers available from having images printed on cakes, novelty figures representing favourite hobbies or something associated with that person, favourite characters etc ~ the list is almost endless.

The first thing to do in deciding what sort of birthday cake topper you want is to decide on your theme and then set your budget.

Fun Birthday Cake Toppers

Disney Princess Candle and Cake Topper Set 7ct
Disney Princess Candle and Cake Topper Set 7ct

Disney Princess Candle and Cake Topper Set,


Great Value Birthday Cake Toppers

Photo Cake Toppers

One of the best low cost edible cake toppers to use is a photo cake topper i.e. have an appropriate image of the birthday boy or girl, or of their favourite character printed onto an icing sheet which can then be transferred onto a cake.

These image icing sheets work well on both sugar paste and butter icing cakes and are widely available over the Internet ~ though I would always advise going to images that are printed onto icing sheets rather than rice paper as the quality is much better.

Further information of photo cake toppers can be found here

Novelty Candles

There are a huge range of novelty candle designs around at the moment, from footballs to champagne bottles to candles that sparkle, ones that burn with multi-coloured flames and ones that keep re-lighting once blown out.

Alternatively more traditional candles can be used to spell out names or ages on top of a cake.

Icing Plaque Cake Toppers

Sugar Plaque Personalised Cake Topper

These are a great way to make anyone feel special. They are available over the Internet and as well as standard 'Happy Birthday' ones there are also personalised sugar paste plaques which can have your choice of name and age added.

Sugar plaques are now quite widely availble on either eBay, or handcrafted sites such as Etsy.

Marshmallow and Chocolate Fairy Toadstool Cake Toppers

Do it Yourself Birthday Cake Toppers

If you have a creative streak in you then making your own cake toppers out of sugar paste can be a great way to both make a unique cake and show someone how much you care.

The trick is not to try to be too complicated ~ for example if your making a cake for a gardener don't worry about getting the minute detail correct on flower petals ~ use jelly beans instead ~ they make great brightly coloured flowers. Or for a football fan don't try to recreate the stadium in it's entirety ~ use some chocolate footballs and colour the cake in the fans favourite teams colours.

If they have a favourite pet make a little sugar paste model ~ there are plenty of instructions to be found around the Internet on how to make sugar paste cats and dogs etc.

Bespoke Birthday Cake Toppers

For some very special birthday occasions you may want to go all out and have something specially made for the occasion.

It's worth shopping around a bit as different people specialise in different types of cake toppers such as people cake toppers. Though a lot of these companies centre around the wedding cake topper market they'll also make them for other occasions.

Try local cake makers in your area. Like a lot of professions many cake makers specialise in different types of cakes or cake toppers so you're likely to be able to find one local to you who can create something especially for you. However as with all bespoke items you should expect to pay a premium to have something designed for you.

The cake topper in the photo was specially designed (by her husband) to represent the recipients family. It was made of food safe materials and has been kept as a memento.


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