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Biscoff Spread: Unique Alternative to Peanut Butter

Updated on September 4, 2011

Are you looking for a spreadable, nut-free alternative to peanut butter? Whether you are searching for snack alternatives for someone who has a nut allergy or if you’re just looking for something new and different to try just because you’re interested in having a new taste experience, you’ll likely be glad that you came across information on Biscoff Spread.

About Biscoff Spread

Biscoff spread is a unique, all natural spread that has the texture and consistency of creamy peanut butter and the caramelized cinnamon-y flavor of delicious Biscoff cookies. If you’ve taken a morning flight on Delta Airlines in recent history, you’ve probably tried these cookies and know just how great they taste. If not, you’ll find out as soon as you take your first bite of one of the cookies or of this delicious spread.

When I first heard of Biscoff Spread, I have to admit the idea seemed a little strange. I fly on Delta frequently, so I was a fan of Biscoff cookies. I couldn’t help but wonder, though, why anyone would want a spread made from cookies. The folks at Lotus bakeries, the company behind both the cookies and the spread, sent me a jar to try, so even though I thought the concept was unusual, I decided to check it out. It only took a bite for me to understand the appeal of Biscoff Spread. The taste is both delicious and unusual -- in a positive way.

Not only does Biscoff Spread taste great, you can feel good about eating it and serving it to your loved ones. Like the cookies that go into making each jar, Biscoff Spread is made with only all-natural ingredients, so there are no worries about consuming artificial colors, artificial flavoring agents or preservatives when you eat this spread or serve it to your family. The spread is also free from trans fats. Each tablespoon has 88 calories. It is packaged for sale in 14 ounce jars and is available in supermarkets and other major retailers throughout the U.S. including Walmart, Kroger, Stop & Shop and more.

How to Eat Biscoff Spread

You can use Biscoff Spread for just about anything that you’d use peanut butter for. It is quite sweet, so you probably won’t want to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with it. However, it’s a great topping for toast, bagels, English muffins, graham crackers, pancakes, waffles and more. You could even eat it straight from the jar, but it might be difficult to avoid over-indulging if you do that. I haven’t actually tried using it instead of peanut butter in my favorite peanut butter pie recipe, but I’m planning to do so. I think the result will be a tasty caramel cinnamon pie. Yum! Yum!


The Story Behind Biscoff Spread: A Reality TV Success Story

Biscoff Spread came into being in a unique way. It was not developed in test kitchens operated by Lotus bakery. Instead, the concoction was created by Els Scheppers, a longtime fan of Biscoff cookies who lives in Belgium. Scheppers entered her concoction in a Belgian reality television program called De Bedenkers, which translates into The Inventors in English.

Scheppers’ recipe was chosen as a finalist out of more than 2,000 entries. Following the attention she gained on the show, Lotus bakeries worked with Schepppers to perfect the recipe and introduce the product to market. The product was first introduced to the European market in 2008, where it is called Lotus Speculoos Pasta. It was an instant hit, selling out in the first three hours it was available. It was introduced to the U.S. retail market in the Spring of 2011.

Note: Thanks to Lotus Bakeries for providing me with a jar of Biscoff Spread for review. The opinions presented here are my own.


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  • frogyfish profile image


    7 years ago from Central United States of America

    I have not seen Biscoff but must check it out...the only negative might be the sweetness/sugar. Thanks for sharing the info about this interesting product.

  • thejeffriestube profile image


    7 years ago from United States

    Ok, I am so going to try this. Great Hub!


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