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Blackened Gator

Updated on August 11, 2017

Gator, It's Whats For Dinner.....Well in the South

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A True Southern Treat

Being from the South, our cuisine can be somewhat unusual to those who are not use to eating some of the food we call delicacy. For me, one of my favorite restaurant here in Baton Rouge is called the Chimes and the Chimes East. Both are a local franchise great on serving the best tastes of the south. Known mainly for their delicious oysters and other seafood, The Chimes industry has become a local favorite for many years and is rarely not busy. One of my favorite dishes is not even on the menu. I was told about it from one of my friends who is employed by the restaurant. They have a famous appetizer on the menu that they are famous for, the blackened gator. Having tried the appetizer and loving every bite, my friend told that if you ask, you can get the blackened gator as a poboy. When I heard that this was available, I immediately went back to Chimes, and asked for the special poboy. My order was received and I was now introduced to one of my all time favorite dishes. It is so simple but so delicious that I rarely try anything else on the menu. So I spread the word about this one of a kind dish and now most of my friends agree that this is by far one of the best tasting poboy around. I have tried gator at other establishments but they do not hold a candle to the way Chimes and Chimes East prepare, season and cook this dish. The alligator there is also available in a fried batter that is also very satisfying. Alligator may not be on everyone's list of favorite foods, but if you have the chance to try it, go right ahead. It is some of the most tender and flavorful types of meat that can be prepared in many ways.

Chimes has many other favorite dishes that cater to Louisiana residents. Oysters on the half shell, crab claws, red beans and rice, and many other wonderful southern dishes that makes this one of the most renowned and popular restaurants of Baton Rouge, and believe me, we have a good amount of places to eat out. What also makes this restaurant unique is the wide beer selection on tap. Many beers to choose from that are from around the world. With a great social environment, wonderful food and a great beer selection Chimes and Chimes East offer a great dinning experience with some of the best southern hospitality the south has to offer. If you are ever in Baton Rouge, go ahead and check out Chimes or Chimes East even if you don't want to try the alligator, there are plenty of other southern dishes that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Still one of my favorite dishes to get when I come back home. Went to brunch last Sunday and got the blackened gator appetizer. It is so delicious and tender. One things I will miss when I move again. But it is more of a treat now.


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