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Blacktop Premium Party Hub Grill

Updated on October 5, 2015

Blacktop Premium Party Hub Grill

The Bravo Sports Blacktop Premium Party Hub Grill is a grill, griddle, deep fryer, and warming plate all combined into one unit. The design of this grill is like none ever seen before. It closely resembles a small round table with four legs, standing waist high. It is powered via a small one pound propane tank which measures in at only 31 by 30.5 inches in size. Due to this design, the grill is extremely light weight and portable. Conveniently, the grill’s cooking surface offers a whopping 452 square inches. This space is neatly divided into three sections, accounting for the griddle, the warming plate, and of course the grill itself. The temperatures of all of these sections can be easily adjusted by way of highly visible blue knobs which are safely extended several inches from the grilling surface. These unmistakable knobs are located directly where the cook would normally stand. Located directly in the middle is a sunken area used as the deep fryer portion of the grill. The temperature of the oil inside the bay is also easily adjusted from the same panel where the knobs are located. To allow for easy temperature readings, the grill includes a thermometer that is made to be used in hot cooking oil.

Grill Time!


The Advantages of Owning a Premium Party Hub Grill

Anybody who has ever grilled on a traditional gas grill knows all too well the inherent problems that are associated with them. Conventional gas grills are always fitted with large, heavy, and inconvenient propane tanks. This makes them more bulky and less portable.

Another common problem with traditional grills is that they can be quite difficult to clean. The grate must be removed and scrubbed down vigorously with hot soapy water. Making matters worse, the undercarriage essentially acts a difficult to clean grease catcher. Whereas, cleaning the Premium Party Hub Grill is as easy as simply wiping it down. Moreover, it comes with a brilliant drip tray which catches all the excessive grease allowing for easier clean up. Probably the biggest advantage the party hub grill has over conventional grills, aside from its deep fryer, is the fact that it offers three different cooking surfaces that are easily adjusted in an accurate fashion.

Though many traditional gas grills come equipped with the option of adjusting differing surface temperatures, they never work that well as the heat from the neighboring portion often affects the cooler side.

Time to Party!


Types of Gatherings Where the Premium Party Hub Grill Excels

Due to its light weight and portability, the premium party hub grill is ideal to take to tailgating parties or any cookout where people congregate. Any grilling party where many people are attending requires a grill that can cook a great deal of food at one time while still having enough propane to last the entire event. The one pound propane canister on the premium party hub grill lasts for at least one and a half hours. The vast cooking surface allows for fast cooking time, which means the guests are eating only after a short wait. In turn, so is the cook.

Get Em' Ready!


Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer


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